About Wireless Audio

Wireless audio, we should like. Suppose you are relaxing on the couch, can be arbitrarily far from the CD machine,Listen to music is very wonderful,Let me recommend a wireless music. Wireless headphone amplifier (wireless DAC). Would like to make friends want to sound very happy to enjoy wireless music fun,please go to see my project: "Wireless Headphone Amplifier & DAC". Thank you! Bless you!
Say what?
This is my first encounter with AudiogoN spam. I must ask...has the world come to this?
Mr. Liu - You may not be familiar with Audiogon, but this is the wrong spot to advertise your product. It looks like an interesting product at a reasonable cost, but you should place this announcement as either a classified ad or an auction. Placing comments here in the discussion forums is not good etiquette here. You should also place information on the Head-Fi website if you have not already. I'm not sure where the appropriate spot on that site to advertise might be as I don't post there, but perhaps someone else might suggest a link.

Good luck!
Welcome to a different view, because the wireless fever Product few. To meet the needs of enthusiasts, there are more good suggestions, I am grateful.At least, I want to say is one of my ideas.wireless audio can bring some to satisfy and to enjoy.

I say again,what?