? about wadia i70

Is a wadia i70 going to make streaming pandora sound better vs. hooking up my i-phone directly to my pre-amp? i.e., does bypassing the crap d/a converter in an i-phone make a difference when listening to something like pandora?
I'd give it a big yes especially if it's Pandora One with its 192 kbps vs 128 w/ads (every little "bit" helps). I've been streaming PO that way for over a year and been pleased with the sound.

I'm using a Cambridge iD100 to my favorite DAC and, in another system, an Arcam drDock which has its own DAC built in it for a simpler hookup. Both excellent and would guess the Wadia would be also.
Onemug, I've been doing a little research and it seems that you can't stream pandora one's higher resolution rate to an i phone or i pod, only a pc. Do you know anything about if that is correct?
Wifi should get you 192, cell network probably not. Have you gone into "settings" in Pandora and set it to "high quality"?