About Vacuum State amps

Has anybody any experience in the top of the line Vacuum State pre and/or power amplifiers? As far I know they are realy superb products using a new approach called "differential" topology with exceptionally good results. Could anyone describe the sonic advantadges of this combo versus other top designs? Which speaker (sensitivity/impedance) did you use to extract the best of them?
Every help would be very appreciated.
Yes, I owned the VSA DPA 300b amps. Excellent amps with speed, dynamics, and great extension at both ends.

I used mine with Tonian Classic 12.1s and KCS Seas Exotic speakers (these were supplemented by an Audiokinesis swarm sub set-up)

Some of the better amps I have owned
Dear Glide3,
Thank you very much for your swift responce.
Was the drive of the amps sufficient for the Tonian speakers?
As far as I know the amps have a 6 Ohms output impendance while the Tonians have 16 ohms input. Was there a mismatch?

How would you describe the sonic advantages of this speaker/amp combo and if there are any analogies/comparisons with other systems.

Finally, what kind of 300Bs have you used and at which preamp have you hook them at?

Thank you in advance.
No problems with the VSA driving the Tonian or the 8ohm KCS

I used sophia princess mesh plates in the amps and did not try anything else.

If you read Roy Gregory's review of the amps in HiFi+ you will have my opinion as well. He is spot on in his description of the amps and it's performance relative to other tube and amp topologies.

I have also owned and used both the TEAD Linear A and B amps and also the tube distinction stereo 30 soul amp (and many others). I prefer the VSA to any of these but all are very good amps IMHO .... provided they are paired sensibly with speakers.

I used/tried a variety of preamps...I mostly used the Tube Distinctions Soul Mate but also tried, Allnic 4000, Shindo (the $18k one), several passives. The amps really let you hear what is going on in front.

I would also imagine that VSA's own acclaimed preamp would be excellent but I never tried this.