About to purchase the Kef LS50W speaker want opinions about set up....

I recently heard the KEF LS50 Wirless speakers and can’t  believe how good they sound. I am looking for a system in my bedroom. My question is, I hear that the kef app is really bad and not worth using, since I have all my music on my computer in Flac, Will the Kef play it? Would I need to purchase an additional streamer, like the bluesound Node 2?

My interest is peaked with these speakers. Seriously considering these to get back into audio. I've been gone for way too long!
Thanks OP for posting this thread!
Definitely go take a listen, I have purchased a pair the other day and I can’t believe how clear the voices sound (especially from Adel) and the bass from such a small speaker is craze. I am really enjoying sound!  
Thanks for the report! A good friend listened too them last weekend and was blown away! Until he told me about them. I didn't know they existed. Lol
I've been reading as much as I can on the easiest way to feed them. I'm probably going to start with a PC/HD as the source.
Just got the ls50 passive...wonderful little speaker indeed.  I also have experience with active, dynaudio bm5a, and what i didn't like about it in the long run is that i felt they were under-powered, and i wished i could have driven them differently.  You no longer have the possibility to try tubes or ss...If you have an amp problem, the all speaker has got to go, the little amps om the back do not feature large toroidal transformers, etc...things to consider.
I would just make sure you purchase them from a place that allows for easy returns.  While the LS50s do a great job tonally, they are somewhat sensitive to placement (to get the best sound) and without the right placement, you are more likely to end up with a 2 dimensional soundstage that will be disappointing over time.