About to pull trigger on JA Michell

After 15 years of digital, I've decided to go back to analog after losing hope in the way CDs are being mastered. My current system is:

Speakers: Harbeth SHL5
Monoblocks: Manley 90W (6550C tubes)
DAC Pre: Monarchy M24 (6DJ8 tubes, no MM/MC, but lots of gain)
Cabling: AudioQuest, MIT, Audioox

I'm 99% decided on getting a JA Michell Tecnodec + TecnoArm. The price in the UK is attractive (both TT & arm under USD 2k new).

Now I understand that synergy between components will yield better results, so the cartridge and phono stage should match the Michell combo. My preference is for MM or High-output MC, hence the Denon carts (DL-110/160) come to mind.

My questions are:
1. Would either Denon DL-110 or 160 match the Michell combo?
2. Which phono stage would suit the Denon and/or Michell combo?
3. Since my system is 100% tube, would solid-state make more sense in the phono stage?
4. Is there another matching cartridge/phono stage combo recommendation? (e.g. Gram Amp, Ear, K&K, others)?

I'm lost after many weeks of research and your help is invaluable.

Thank you :)
I was a Michell dealer in the past and found their products to be very good. I currently have a Denon 110 which I have used in the VPI tables I sell now. Hi FI Choice found the 110 to be slightly better than the 160 so I would go that way. I got mine on ebay new for around $100. I have not used these these together but can't see any problems. HIFICRITIC found the Pro Ject Tube Box SE 11 to be very good. You might also check with Blue Circle about their Fon Lo Thingee or whatever he calls it. MAXIMUM bang for buck, no style points. I am one of their dealers but I don't know if he does 220, I suspect he does. A very nice guy and you deal directly with him. The choice between tube and SS is completely personal, either of the two I mention should work well and there are many others.
What will be your choice of arm?
I use Incognito wired RB300 with Lyra Argo cartridge.
For medium output 1...2.5mV I would suggest Audio Research PH3 hybrid phonostage. I used to have it and now still miss it but had to downsize it to a full function preamp. It could be easily rewired for 220V by swapping the power transformer leads(instruction could be supplied in the manuals if exists)
My budget choices for Michell would include Benz Glider, Dynavector 10Xh
I have the TecnoDec with the JA modified Rega RB250 arm and a Denon 160. The Michell is really a nice TT and made very well. It is superbly quiet, dynamic and pretty to look at too. Get the acrylic dust cover, it seems to attract dust like a magnet, however. I'm using my TecnoDec with an Exposure 2010S amp and Stirling LS3/5A's in a small near field set up. I'm having more fun with this system than my Linn, Levinson, Martin Logan system. I think you will really like the Michell table. Oh, I almost forgot, listen to a Rega P5 as well (with outboard PSU). It is also very nice and has a equally excellent sound, just different. I liked the P5 enough that I bought one to rip vinyl LP's to iTunes. It's kind of like close and play in it's simplicity.
Pull away, you won't regret it.
I have the gyrodec and the JA modified RB250 and have had a great time with
my return to vinyl. The Grado Reference Sonata was very nice, richly layered and
very musical. The Benz Glider S medium output is more detailed and refined and
better at separating things out than the Sonata also more dynamic and is more
forgiving on less than pristine records but I haven't had it in for more than 2 weeks, while I enjoyed the Sonata for over a year. The glider might prove a bit lean long term. Just depends what sound you prefer. The phono is a CJ EV1 no
exotic tubes in the phono stage. Rest of system is CJ Pr16 2, PR 12s, B&W Silver Signature 30s,Cardas GR throughout. There is some noise with the tube phono stage . I've heard the Ayre phono stage and at 2500 dollars with exactly the same arm table and glider was absolutely awesome ...X5E I think it was E having an upgraded power supply . Makes me want to try one in my
system to see what happens. Enjoy the ride!