About to plunge back into analog

I finally have room in my system for a turntable, and I'm getting ready to pull my very old Harmon Kardon T65C out of storage and set it up. I believe that its still in reasonable shape (the platter spins at least), but it has an equally old Signet TK7-LCA cartridge on it with a well loved stylus. Can replacement styli for such a beast still be found? If not, does anyone have suggestions for a decent sounding, reasonably priced cartridge that will work with this table?

Thanks, Ken
Go for the Blue Point Special...hard to beat for the $$
Blue Points are lovely sounding...but far from excellent trackers. I've owned one. If the tonearm/cartridge compliance is compatible it's not a bad choice. Two other alternatives are the Dynavector and Ortofon High output MCs. I'm going for Ortofon as my next cartridge.
Thanks for the responses. Since posting this I've been rummaging through my stash (well, a box really) of old audio odds and ends and have come up with 3 more cartridges (Ortofon MC-10, MC-20, and a B&O MMC-20EN) that I'm also unlikely to find replacement styli for. So it looks as though a new cartridge is going to be in order.

With respect to the Sumiko cartridges, how do the Blue Point and Blue Point Special differ sonically, and is it worth the difference in price?

Also, I found an old Ortofon MC step up transformer in my junk box (model STM-83 - the label says it'll handle CD-4 format to give you idea of its vintage) and was wondering if this kind of device is sonically reasonable for the current flock of MC cartridges.

Thanks, Ken
I recently went through a grado red, and then switched to an audiotechnica 440ml. As you can see by my recent postsover the past week or so, I am very impressed with the audiotechnica. It is quiet, very clear and crisp, and eliminates a heck of a lot of the vinyl cracks, sizzles, and pops because of the shape of its stylus.

pcannis is right where i was going. at $100, this is a fine cart that wont disappoint. then at $200, the atOC9 is a bargain. it is low output mc so a stepup is necessary, that may affect your decision.
another $100 item would be the shure m97xe or its $65 brother the m94. the 97 has a metal base, and they both have the microwall cantilever. no stepup needed.