About to buy a Wyred4Sound 1000 Watt Integrated

I'm about to pull the trigger on a Wyred4Sound 1000 WPC Integrated to drive a pair of 20.7 Magnepans.
Why should I or should I not, do this???
It's a very good pairing. The Maggies will benefit from the power. No good reason not to if you think the amp fits your needs overall. Wyred are good quality and value products. I wish I still had my Maggies to try with my current 500w/ch Class D amps (Bel Canto, Icepower similar to Wyred). These are the best amps overall I have ever owned.
I understand Mcbuddah's comment, but don't agree that it takes mono blocks to get the job done. The 500WPC is a dual mono config I believe. So the essence of that is already there.
My only concern was the 'voicing' of the amp/preamp--and from what I read, it's very detailed without being too etched. Of course reviews can be fools gold, we tend to read the comments selectively, seeking out that which agrees with our needs.
Thanks to Mapman too. Bel Canto deserves a look too, I suppose.
I think that will be quite a good pairing one of the best possible with an
integrated amp and certainly one of the best for the price. . Not many put
out that many watts and they all will help To make the music flow
effortlessly with Maggie's.
Lrsky, I have a friend who owns Magnepans and paired them with a Wyred4Sound power amp, I believe it was the ST-500. In a most positive way he said it was a revelation! I personally have owned the ST-250 and it was one of the most transparent amps I have heard in its price range. I thought the bass was a smidge lacking but that could of been the fault of a tube preamp I paired it with. Wyred4Sound gear has received excellent reviews all the way around.
Thanks for your input guys. I purchased the STI 1000 yesterday. It should arrive in a few days. The Magnepans will arrive in a few weeks.
Buying audio gear is a blast!
I too own a pair of mag 20.7's powered by a wyred st 1000(570/1140) it drives the speakers effortlessy at loud volumes in a 27x20 room these speakers sound better as the volume increases imo it is more important to have the extra power than the last 20% or so in sonic quality you should consider a very high quality source to go with this system congrats
I recently purchased a pair Wyred mAMPs and find them extremely well built. A while back I had a Bel Canto Ref 500s which uses the same ICE modules as the Wyred. If you compare the two amps, the Wyred actually looks to be be the better built amp. My take on these amps is just clean, clean, clean sound.
Although I do prefer the aesthetics of the Bel Canto, not sure it's worth the extra 30% in price.