About to Buy a Technics SP-10!? Am I making a mistake?

I'm about to buy an old technics sp10 mk2. I can't test it. Have no idea if it all works. It'll be about $600. Am I making a huge mistake?

Lots of different opinions here. I got it. Came with:

EPA-100 tonearm
Denon DL-301
SH-10E Power supply
SB-10B4 Plinth

Everything works! But I'll need to mount the tonearm. It'll be my project tomorrow.
Have no idea if it all works. It’ll be about $600. Am I making a huge mistake?

@spammer you got an incredible deal on everything, you paid very low price, let me tell you the real prices:

1) A good working, used SP-10MKII with power supply cost $1200 minimum. As i can see your drive looks nice, your power supply has some scratches, but still ok, so the price is great!

2) The EPA-100 tonearm cost $1200-1500 minimum and this is incredible tonearm for MM cartridges (or for Mid/High compliance MC).

So only turntable and tonearm cost minimum $2400-2700 and you paid only $600, imagine !?

Then you have for free:

3) Denon DL-301 wich you can use on this arm or to sell and upgrade for a better MM cartridge instead. Ask if you need advice.

4) SH-10B4 you can upgrade for something better like SH-10B3 Obsidian (here is mine) or custom plinth (here is mine made of teak wood).

Congrats on everything!

If the arm is included it’s a no brainer. Arm is worth $1200 on the low side of things and depending on condition can be worth over $1500 by itself. The motor unit and power supply another easy $1000 if it works. Yes looks like it’s well used but still a steal at that price. Nothing to lose. 
So much for the naysayers.
Now check out the electrolytic capacitors and have someone calibrate the drive.