About to Buy a Technics SP-10!? Am I making a mistake?

I'm about to buy an old technics sp10 mk2. I can't test it. Have no idea if it all works. It'll be about $600. Am I making a huge mistake?

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I'm a gambling man, lol. What are these worth if everything is "working" normally, but not mint? Maybe $1200? 
From the (looks) of it, I'd pass
Does the arm come with it?  The arm alone, (if it works properly) is worth the $600.
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Need more info
Exactly what are you getting for $600?
if so, what tonearm?
what does the seller claim about working condition?
is he willing to guarantee function? 
By the way, it is almost impossible that the turntable could not be repaired, if in fact it’s not working correctly. All parts are available.
Looks like its been rode hard and put up wet. I've seen others that are in much better shape visually for not much more money. Bide your time and buy one that in the end you can be proud of.
Depends on you,  I've repaired many a turntable. If you get the arm,  I find it a no brainer,  I'd grab it. If it is the table only,  I probably would not.  
If you can buy everything what's on your picture for $600 then buy it quickly! 

EPA-100 tonearm alone cost $1200 minimum.
If SP-10mkII is working then the price is a steal !  

Lots of different opinions here. I got it. Came with:

EPA-100 tonearm
Denon DL-301
SH-10E Power supply
SB-10B4 Plinth

Everything works! But I'll need to mount the tonearm. It'll be my project tomorrow.
Have no idea if it all works. It’ll be about $600. Am I making a huge mistake?

@spammer you got an incredible deal on everything, you paid very low price, let me tell you the real prices:

1) A good working, used SP-10MKII with power supply cost $1200 minimum. As i can see your drive looks nice, your power supply has some scratches, but still ok, so the price is great!

2) The EPA-100 tonearm cost $1200-1500 minimum and this is incredible tonearm for MM cartridges (or for Mid/High compliance MC).

So only turntable and tonearm cost minimum $2400-2700 and you paid only $600, imagine !?

Then you have for free:

3) Denon DL-301 wich you can use on this arm or to sell and upgrade for a better MM cartridge instead. Ask if you need advice.

4) SH-10B4 you can upgrade for something better like SH-10B3 Obsidian (here is mine) or custom plinth (here is mine made of teak wood).

Congrats on everything!

If the arm is included it’s a no brainer. Arm is worth $1200 on the low side of things and depending on condition can be worth over $1500 by itself. The motor unit and power supply another easy $1000 if it works. Yes looks like it’s well used but still a steal at that price. Nothing to lose. 
@genesis168 he said " Everything works!" , what a lucky b..... 
So much for the naysayers.
Now check out the electrolytic capacitors and have someone calibrate the drive.
Buy it with PayPal and you will have buyer protection. 
Good buy! Now treat it to a recap and calibration. Its worth it...
I must say i've been using my SP-10 mkII and it wasn't serviced at all, everything was just fine. It wasn't re-capped, calibrated by anyone except for the Matsushita factory. I've never noticed any issue in 5 years of using it and now my friend using it. 

If you have extra cash you can re-cap and calibrate, but if your SP-10 mkII does not have any problem in operation you can just use it. 
Sign should say,,,
  Dirty High Voltage 
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I paid $800.00 a unit with the obsidian plinth and Infinity Black Widow tone arm in 1998. It replaced an original unit that my ex-wife threw out during the divorce!
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Usually I buy them a lot worse than what you see in the picture.

Remember that a turntable with 30 or more years of life always works, but it is necessary to overhaul and calibrate it according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the oil must be changed and a calibration check to check that everything is ok with complete recap must be done. Several owners of SP10MK2 complain that the turntable does not have the desired performance and therefore speak ill of it.
SP 10 mk2 is a fantastic turntable but should be adjusted from time to time like all turntables. Here is a tutorial of my complete restoration; if I lived in the United States I would have become rich just to restore the SP 10 II turntables instead I do it only as a hobby and personal passion.
https://melius.club/topic/248217-technics-sp10-mk2-inizia-il-restauro-refurbished-e-finalmente-finis... pagina / 3 /

For the one offered at $ 600 it is worth it and if it is offered all inclusive the EPA 100 arm is a bargain. Everything is possible to repair in SP10mk2. Finding mint is impossible and completely revised is equally difficult.
Yes. Never buy used TTs or Cartridges unless you know the first owner well.
best-groove, I don't speak/read Italian and am not familiar with the Melius site.  I clicked on English at the bottom but nothing changed?

Yes. Never buy used TTs or Cartridges unless you know the first owner well.

You don’t have to know each seller personally to buy great used stuff in fully working order. What you have to know is equipment, cartridges and everything to make your decision. The OP paid a joke price for amazing stuff here. Personally i bought many great used items from unknown persons. Communication is the key.

   I clicked on English at the bottom but nothing changed?

if the google translator does not work you can be content to see the numerous photos that I have published as an little example to understand how much work there is in making a complete restoration.

Chakster, I am not saying you can't get excellent used equipment but there is always a risk. Bearings and cartridges are either fragile or there is a wear factor involved. If owner 1 moved to a new house, did not pack his TT well and let the mover bounce it across town you have a damaged bearing that may not be noticeable at first. I have seen several people inadvertently screwed this way. 
therefore audiophiles taking pictures and grading their used hi-fi accordingly, also paypal always protect the buyer, honestly there is no risk at all. Been buying everything used/demo and rarely meet dishonest sellers, it happened few times, but with paypal payment anyone can return anything for full refund and it's guaranteed by paypal policy.  

It's even better if i can meet the seller, check his stuff, but it rarely happens, i do everything online. It's amazing how low the price for almost unused equipment can be even on audiogon. I can't remember i bought anything from a person i knew before. New people every month or so.