About to audition Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Grand Reference - advice?

I have been listening to Aerial Acoustics 7Bs ( 86 dB sensitivity) for nearly 20 years.  About to audition the VA Beethoven Grand Reference.  90 dB sensitivity.  $12k.  I have a Balanced Audio Technology VK75SE - 75 watts.  700 Joules of power.
Question #1: I always felt the Aerials were under powered.  I'm going to hear the VA BGR with a Pass amp -- not tubes.  Does anyone have any LISTENING experience with this new speaker using 75 watts of tube power?
Question #2: Suggestions for speakers in the $8-12K range ... good for full orchestra (think Mahler 5th), jazz (HHancock, Miles, FHubbard etc), female vocals and 70s rock (Zep, AC/DC, Neil, Yes, Genesis).  Aesthetics are VERY important.  And space is an issue, so no large panels.

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JM--In my experience the Aerials do need power--lots of it. I heard them twice at a local dealer many years ago. First time completely underwhelmed with a medium power tube amp. Second time was a completely different experience with high wattage solid state.

If you want to keep the BAT and pair it with a gorgeous pair of full range speakers that are very easy to drive check out the Daedalus lineup. Lou had the smaller Apollo's at the Florida Audio Expo last month and the sound blew people away--yes, he paired them with the new VAC Statement integrated at $150K, which tells you a little about the quality of speakers Lou builds and the sound they are capable of producing. For $12K you could probably get a pair of Argos and be done for life. Strongly recommended!
How about the Tannoy Turnberry? Tube friendly, especially high powered tubes and built to fine furniture standards. I love the aesthetic not sure if you will but if so at $8K the pair seems like a contender.
Joseph Audio Perspectives and Nola KOs would play nice with that much tube power if you can find them.  Best of luck. 
I love the beethovens, but I can’t justify paying new prices when used gear thats in great shape can be had for a fraction. 
I used a Krell kav300il, anthem 225i, and a hegel h360. Mine are the 2 woofers and 2 mids in the 2nd version which I believe is the same size cabinet as the grand. I could hear improvements with the krell and hegel but they always sounded good. 
I have been waiting to hear them as well. The local dealer hasn’t brought them in yet. I have listened to the Beethoven Concert Grands and liked them just not enough to buy. I am hoping the Reference series will make the changes I wanted to hear. I think Vienna Acoustics has some great products and beautiful cabinets.
on the other hand I am strongly considering Aerial Acoustics 7T but haven’t heard them in a few years. The local dealer doesn’t stock the,. And I hate to invest without one last audition. 
So I too will be interested in the suggestions in this price range.

So to the OP, I ask what is about the Aerials you haven’t liked? In your 20 years of ownership, have you had any problems, failing drivers etc? And how has the finish held up?
Just asking if you don’t mind or answer via private msg if you prefer

  The Focal 1038BE at todays clearance prices might be something to check out.
Question #2: Suggestions for speakers in the $8-12K range ... good for full orchestra (think Mahler 5th)
Here are a few mid-sized speakers I heard playing Mahler 5 (better still Mahler 8) reasonably well (i.e. the rest of yr musical choices follow):
Vienna Acoustics Beethoven (as above), Genesis V (latest model), Devore X, Wilson Sasha / Yvette (but, price???), Gamut 7, Focal Supra 3 / Scala. These are models I’ve listened to; there are many others, for sure.
A small point driving the Beethovens: when I had (an older model I suppose) these at home, I used a big solid-state 125W class A amp. Orchestral music: the sound was fantastic. Jazz; same. Prog rock & blues: great
Heavy metal: a bit on the polite side (including too much info, not enough noise -- if I’m making sense).
Vienna Grands for 12k sounds good to me, why not stick to these? I think they’re much easier to drive than your Aerials—although they are a nominal 4ohm load, so not SO easy!