About the preamp section of my integrated

A friend of mine helped me take a look inside my integrated. Just killing time-neither of us know anything about electronics. Still, it was a bit of a revelation. Very dirty! dust, cat fur, human hair, and even the sort of goo you imagine finding in a smokers lung. what I observed was that the pre-amp section was given very little room compared to the amp section- not a big suprise. But I was amazed by how messy and crowded the preamp section was by comparison to the amp section.I cant imagine how any techinician would be able to find anything in such a tangle of wires and with so little room to move about. My guestion is is this standard? enevitable? Or, are better made pre-amps to benefit from more room & orderly layout. What is proper?

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Space, the lack of causes such snafu's. The part about all the dirt is not good. Get some compressed air and clean that out. What is proper, is what works, to keep the signal 'clean' from the front to the back, but that is not always a priority given price constraints.

Fires have been known to start when dust and heat meet, a little alitteration, (oops did it again). But seriously folks. The amp section usually needs more room because of the large caps etc. Don't let the layout, (not the dirt) necessarily bother you.
Just curious. What is the brand?