About the cheapest cable elevators (for those with empty pockets)

Ok, I don’t know if this has been done, but I did it and I’ll pass it on.

BTW zero scientific study has been done - so you know what they say you get what you pay for.

Anyway, get yourself a pool noodle, you know the ones with the hole down the middle, I’m sure if you have kids you probably have one in the garage or out in the pool, cut into 3-4” sections with a sharp knife, slit the section down one side, slip cable through slit, tada! Your done. Cut as many as you need to get that highly overpriced cable of ours off the ground and enjoy 200% more soundstage, 300% lower noise floor, and perfect frequency response.

Ok, maybe my claims are a bit optimistic. . .
I still like my idea of pressing a bunch of 9” Statue of Liberty 🗽 🗽 🗽 souvenirs into duty as cable suspenders. 
But what if you need more statues? Then you have to go back on vacation, by the time you get your plane ticket, hotel room, eating, then back to the gift store and by then you’ve spent well over 2 grand!

i don’t know Geoff, seems expensive to me ;)
I use the paper egg cartons. Cut it so you get 4 to 6 egg holders each. Even have the grooves in them for the cables to rest. They work a delight.
An even more attractive option is to use bungee cords hung from the ceiling
All great ideas but once you go wireless.....

i think I’m sensing sarcasm here, just a smidge
This idea is inspired by Geoff- put into service the kid's/grandkid's action figures and dinosaurs to hold the cables.T Rex's little arms would be perfect!That's all I've got;-)
Be more inspired...Geoff K Bobble Heads, in series, marching across the floor, under a cable highway. The bobble for (limited) dimensional vibrational control upside, a step or two beyond simple elevation. 
Absolutely brilliant David.

Just one tiny concern there.

Surely if the bobble heads are based on true to life incarnations would the heads not be a tad too large to work successfully...…...
Would they even fit in the room?! 😩
What is the dielectric strength of a pool noodle? With it wrapped around your speaker cable it might suck up all of the special magnetic waves traveling to the speakers and make your system sound flat. But this will only happen if you get something from Walmart and it only costs a couple dollars. If some snake oil salesman was selling the same thing for $200+ it would transform your system.

PS. You will also need to experiment with different colors and using even or odd numbers of spacers on each side.  Let us know which sounds best.  ;)
I find when the pool noodle color is the same as the LED color of the equipment a nice synergy develops and you optimize the ground circuits, but your results may vary. 

What is the standard diameter of a noodle?

When installed, does it raise the cable the optimal distance off the floor?

What is the optimal length to cut?

Do different colored noodles affect the resulting improvement?

Are chlorine-soaked used noodles better than brand new ones?


I have been using “CableClamps” from Home Depot with good results. The small white ones work the best.
Without spending ANY money, you can take an empty cd case, stand it up with the hinge to the left and open the case.  PERFECT for a cable elevator and any audio guy worth his salt has some empty cd cases or some cd cases for music he will never, ever listen to again....
I'm afraid someone is going to tell me they resonate like foam in a Poang chair.
Foam pipe insulation.
Cut into 2 to 3 inch long pieces.
Slit down the side allows you to easily place on cables at any location.
I use them to provide physical separation between wires crossing each other but they could easily serve as cable elevators and likely provide a damping benefit too.
Small inner tubes inflated to low pressure.
Enid Lumley’s cable tunnels. Pine 2x4s treated with anti static agent like hydrogenated vegetable oil, three 2x4s form each tunnel. The cable is suspended from the top 2x4 using eye hooks, every foot or so, and thread. Cannot beat with stick.
Can't beat it with a stick? It IS a stick......
You see everything.