About the B&W 700 series and CDM NT series


I love the B&W 700 series(703,704,705) and CDM NT series(9NT,7NT,1NT) very much. I feel that those are good speakers. Many people and I recommended them on the sites in my country and they become used now much than before there. They were used rarely before. I live in South Korea.

But I have searched them on the Audiogon. Although the former is better than the latter in respect of sound quality,I find out the 700 series less used than the CDM NT series.

Are there any reason for it? I'd like to know it. The ugly design of the 700 series'? The cost push of theirs? Any other reason? Thanks.
700 series came out this year. You'll need to wait a couple of years for them to be wide spread. BTW, I have 9NT speakers and I love them too.
Silvmoon,thanks for input. I feel that you got a point there.
Just orderd a new pair of 703s with the new MF A5
they sounded very very good at the local dealer..
I listened to several other manufacturers- paradigm, polk, vandersteen, martin logan, and other BWs N802, N804 but nothing came close to the 703s

to my ears, this combo sounded better than Watt/puppy 7 driven by Levinson monos- reproducing classical music.

good to see another korean at the gon, I'm a korean-ameracan though.. an nyung ha sae yo?
Congratulations! Jungsan,You got good speakers. If the B&W 703's are matched well with the amp,they sound good. They are relatively cheap(?) and very good speakers.

What amp is the MF A5 integrated amp? I'd like to know it. It is not yet imported here. Solid state or tube amp? MSRP?

There are sites such as the Hificlub(http://www.hificlub.co.kr) and the Wassada(http://www.wassada.com) etc here. I love these two sites very much.

Jungsan,an nyung. I am glad to see you. I live in Seoul. Where do you live?

250W/chan @ 8ohm, and 400W @ 4 ohms just launched here in the states in the past month
it sounded better than A308, which is more expensive but not as powerful (150W) check out www.musicalfidelity.com

I guess BWs do like lots of clean power?

I'm at Durham NC
I was born in Seoul and still visit there quite often ^^

any good CD player recommendation (around 1k) for my system?
sorry to be a naysayer but... dude???? You're comparing a cheap harsh tweeter kevlar driver box with one of the most influencial and dynamic speakers available at any price, they are, THE WILSON WP7??? WOW

I'd like to recommend the used Arcam FMJ CD 33T,23T,23 for cd players for the combination of the MF A5 and the B&W 703's. They have tonal balance of bass/midrange/treble,resolution and musicality.

Although I have not heard the Arcam cd players with the MF A5,I have done the MF A3,A300,A3CR and the Arcam 33T,23T separately. So I can guess the disposition of the MF A5.

The B&W's like lots of clean power.

Glad to see you. See you later. Best Regards.
I have reconsidered choosing cd player. If the MF A5 integrated amp is matched with the Arcam FMJ CD 33T,23T and 23,the system may sound uncouth because of the response speed difference between the cd player and the amplifier. I feel that the Arcam 82T is more suitable than the 33T,23T and 23 for your system. The 82T is likely to be the more safe.

Happy Listening.
I think it really depends on your taste of music...

WP7s are great speakers
I think WP7s do better with reproducing contemporary music- jazz, rock,pop... and even some classical vocals sounded fantastic

yet.. for reproducing chamber music and orchestral works, me, my father, mother, and my wife were all soo unimpressed (different occasions, but same gears ML436? the new monos +WP7)... sure it sounds good but I don't think it's worth of 20K..

I think the truely great speakers are ones that can closely reproduce the real instruments (unplugged)
Given my strong preferrence on classical music, WPs are not my choices

JBL K2 S9800 does mid and high much better
and for bass, Eggleston Andra II or BW N800 sounded more controlled (when these guys were hooked up with the right amps- Pass X160 for JBL, Mcintosh 501 for Andra and 800)

however, these guys are way beyond my budget -- I'm not selling my house for stereos..
and my wife thinks WP7s are plain ugly- there I lose WAF...

To me it doesn't really matter what kind of materials are used to make speakers; what matters in the end is MUSIC anyway :)

of course, all these are IMHO...

thanks for your recommendations bluesky
actually, I might stretch my budget and go for the matching CDP... looks also do matter don't they.. ^^
but I'll give my auditions to the arcams

I saw your postings at the asylum, too haha
hope to see you often around here and there :)
The usual B & W basher delivers his highly predictable and useless drive-by posting.

I like the new 7 series and the older CDMNT series as well. B & Ws are excellent at classical especially the ones equipped with the FST midrange. I think you made a good choice. Having auditioned several speakers over the past few years... Some have been better, some have been worse, but none have prompted me to spend my hard earned money....yet! I did add a B & W sub for my 2 channel and its doing a great job of integrating.

A friend who owns a store tells me the 7's are selling great. I agree with Silvmoon, in a few years you'll probably see more on the used market.
700 series are not selling very good in my local B&W dealers in canada. People either go for the budget 600 series or the expensive 800 series. They found 700 series are lack of characters.
Well thats revealing, about Canadians at least, ehhh...
I personally didn't like the 600 series. I would have liked to have gone for something in the 800 series. Big bucks price tags and the wife tapping her foot disapprovingly convinced me otherwise.
I second Distortion, :)
collapse of middle class anyone?