about stereophile magazines recommendation of belk

hi, i read this article and figured for a low price to give it a try. i unhooked my wireworld violet usb and the belkin usb gold does a few things well [details] but so far i am not impressed[especially the ambience]. in the story they mentioned 'balanced' and i may have got the wrong cord possibly. i am using this between my mac with pure music and my m f v-dac. any ideas?, thanks john
are we really now talking about high end USB cords from a computer to an inexpensive DAC?

Wow, buy a USB cable at walmart, and spend your money on components.
was that comment supposed to be helpful?? i was asking about the cable not your snobass opinion.
I've tried snoperch and snotrout but not snobass.

Where can it be found?

Thanks in advance.
buy a Starlight....it doesn't cost much but is much better than the Violet.
Cable demons are alive and well, taking you hard earned money. If a cable meets the EEIE spec, there should be no performance difference. Yes, there are cables out there that do not meet spec, and they should be returned to the dealer for replacement since they are defective.
thanks for the input everybody.
Hotmailjbc, you knew it was going to turn out like this, didn't you?
I've tried snoperch and snotrout but not snobass.

A common confusion! While "sno-perch" and "sno-trout" are fish found at ski resorts, the "snob-ass" is an unhappy class of human trying to assuage their insecurities by intoning about "the high end," "reference" and "cost no object" on audio boards.

;) John

So I'm clear, are you a "snobass" if you advocate using expensive cables to transmit a digital signal between a computer and a DAC, or are you a "snobass" if you make fun of people that do? I want to make sure I'm both calling, and being called, the correct names. ;)
>>07-12-11: Rdavwhitaker
or are you a "snobass" if you make fun of people that do?<<

Actually that would be a horsesass.

Hope that helps.
If in fact there are any differences, I see no reason to expect them to be anything other than random and unpredictable, with little or no correlation with price, and with little or no consistency from system to system. Any sonic differences would be dependent on the type of dac (asynchronous/non-asynchronous, etc.), the length of the cable, the impedance accuracies of the computer and dac, the risetimes and falltimes of the computer output, emi/rfi sensitivity of the components in the system, ground loop susceptibility of the particular components and the particular setup, the particular computer hardware, extraneous background processes that may be running in the computer, etc. etc.

While some things in audio may cause a sonic difference, that doesn't necessarily mean that a sonic character should be attributed to them.

-- Al
i apologize to everyone for my hasty snarkyladen remark. no , i don,t have a 30,000 dollar system. yes i have been an enthusiast for 40 years [and industry rep for many high end companies for 15 years] and my goal this time around was to put togeather a system for little money that provides great sound reproduction. i know it is not a porshe. i am using emotiva amp, pre and cd, magnepan, murrow audio cables, furman and musical fidelity mac and pure music products with great results in my opinion. i am working with trying to get the best computer performance without spending thousands of dollars and read about the belkin cable that sells for 29 bucks but can be bought for a measly 6 bucks on amazon. right up my alley of budget/performance goals. i was asking about the belkin gold and it being balanced according to the stereophile reviewer. i did not know what a balanced usb cord is so i asked if anyone could tell me if i had the same one that was reviewed. i am not open to any patronization from anyone who writes "are we really to the point" and advice of go to "walmart". i don't say "wow spend more money on components" to anyone. this may work for some who just throw money at this hobby but i have found some money and time spent on room treatment and small adjustment like better ac receptacles and room treatment and isolation tweaks can yield much more impressive gains than getting on the gear changing rollercoaster. i appreciate those who added some levity to my unfortunate thread. and i guess the belkin works ok because i havn't run shrieking to change it back yet. still enjoying music tho.....i also am regretful for jumping on macdadtexas. there, i said it haha
Thanks, Audiofeil, that clears it up nicely! If I'm going to be called names, I want be sure it's the right one!
Hmmm... I am also curious about USB cable as I will soon have the new Playback USB converter for PD MPS5. Currently I have Weiss INT202 firewire-sp/dif converter which I find certain firewire cables sound better than another, especially regular computer firewire cable. Definitely would like to hear from other people experiences with USB cable as well.
Iv'e just started to demo 3 different USB cables I borrowed . I haven't got a fix on there sound yet so I won't try to give a description , but I can tell you they all sound quite different .