? about Sony XA5400ES

Somebody please tell me how you program the tracks you want to hear in order you want to hear them. Im college educated but cannot find anywhere in the manual to do this. Every CD player I ever had before I could program the selected tracks. The instructions are not clear and its like a puzzle to find out. Why couldnt they say. To play tracks in order just ------------------. Its embarrassing asking this because I know its there somewhere. Or is it?
I will look at my manual when I get home but I think there is no such facility on this player.
Not familiar with the XA5400ES, however as Kr4 mentions, it may not have that feature. Amazingly some higher end players have fewer features as if to mimic a high end turntable where they don't even have a end of record return or shut off. Better sound perhaps but even fewer features than a mid priced player.
I called Sony support and that player does not have that function! They could not tell me why but Im guessing it pollutes the signal in some way if the feature was there. It does not have a volume control either. I have read that can degrade your processing power. Thanks for responses. Mike
It has a VC for the headphone jack output which should be all one needs.