About Shipping Air Cargo

I'm having a pair of amps shipped fedex ground from the east coast to the SF Bay Area.

A buddy suggested using air cargo. I checked the published rates at US Airways and was shocked out how much cheaper it was compared to FedEx or UPS air options. (About $90 compared to $500 or so). So, I called US Airways.

Surprise. US Airways does not accept air cargo from consumers. You must have an account and that takes about six weeks to get. I checked Southwest and United and they have the same requirements. It appears rules prohibiting consumer air cargo were developed for security reasons. Too bad. I've used the option years ago and it was cheap and convenient (if you live near a big airport) and seemed safer than ground.

I'm wondering if any audio manufacturers or retailers have considered opening accounts with an air cargo carrier(s) in order to ship direct via air - to save time, money and equipment damage caused by miles of bouncing in trucks. I imagine it would be a pain for the manufacturer to do, but could be a nice option for the consumer. Just wondering. Jeff
Look in the yellow pages under freight forwarder and you can ship under their account and they most likely pickup at your door if they have box trucks. I am a freight hauler. Some of these guys here think and talk like they know a whole bunch about it, but never have hauled a freekin thing.
It's depressing that in 2008 getting a heavy box from here to there (cheaply and in one piece) is such a chore.
We're actually not that much advanced over the Stagecoach.