? about going balanced from pre to power

I am planning on using balanced interconnects from a sonic frontiers line 3 to a McCormack DNA 2 deluxe and was wondering if there might be a problem with the extra gain?
The line 3 has six db more gain from the balanced outputs and the DNA 2 adds six db more gain for the balanced inputs which will add 12 db more gain to the system.
My speakers are custom built and are fairly sensitive,do you think that going balanced will raise the noise floor to an unacceptable level?
Thanks in advance for your help.
The only thing you should notice is maybe your volume control will be at a slightly different setting. Regarding noise, balanced runs usually reduce noise by cancelling it out. You should have slightly better sound, not worse.
Mrg7- while Jfrech is technically correct, there is more to it than that. I don't know about the truth of the statements, but 12 db addtional gain is a lot. Some (most) pre-amps volume controls are non-linear in gain and also non-linear in sound. So if you have to operate your pre at a point where small movements in the control produce large changes in volume it may be an annoyance and have a detrimental impact on sound. This is whys some preamps (like my ARC) have user adjustable overall gain. It can be a problem, but is highly user specific.