About Changing Voltage on Bryston

Hi Guys,

My friend who live in US. is going to come back to my country. I want him to bring some used Bryston current model back to me(7B-SST C-Series). The problem is my country's voltage is 220/240v. with 50Hz. So, I need to ask this question about is it difficult & how to do voltage changing from 110 to 220v on Bryston. Please let me know in brief to guide me.

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THe best way to do it is to use The Richard Grays Substation stepdown 240/120 V.

You could achieve isolation and at the same time not restricting dynamics.{the Isolation transformer should be able to handle the peak power of the amp ,which is typically 10-15x the rated power]

Alternatively,you could send to the Bryston factory to get them to convert permenantly
I'd speak to James Tanner at Bryston.