About Audio Research CD7

"Does the ARC have any flaws? Yes, there are two. They are subtle and not obtrusive but they do exist. The first is a lack of midbass power, weight and body. Drums do not have the impact they could nor does double bass and cello possess the growl they should. The other is a slight leaning out of the harmonics in the upper midrange accompanied by a slight tendency towards stridency in this range." This is from Arthur Salvatore's webpage high-end critique.
I'd like to ask you to comment; does the CD7 has the same traditional sound of ARC as described above?
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It has the same ARC sound, but not as described above.
That review by Salvatore's "associates" is mired in controversy. Check out the related threads over at Audio Asylum. I would not personally put any faith in any of the comments made in that "Digital Shootout" write-up.
I second Cincy_bob's opinion.
After reading about the controversy, I wouldn't listen to a word that's said on that site. I don't have a dog in the fight either way, but it was enough for me to discount everything Salvatore says. I always thought that was a funny site anyway. So many incredible brands that aren't even mentioned, like VAC, that I can't really believe that what's outlined as "best" "better" "good" bear any semblance to the truth.
I don't care about the controversy, but I focus on the ARC CD7 character.I think too that there is a leanness in the upper midrange and a tendency towards stridency in this range that is ARC' sound, at least till VT100 MkII and LS25 (except for SP10)that I used to have. I just ask if there is the same sound with the CD7 too. The bass is boomy because of tubes?
Thank you.
As an REF CD7 owner I find all Arthur Salvatore(and his buddy Israel Blume) findings wrong. To MY ears REF CD7 sound pretty opposite...

So, Marc Mickelson from Soundstage(who bought REF CD7!), Ken Kessler and Jonathan Valin are all deaf(me also I guess) since these Gents all raved about REF CD7...

Let me tell you one thing-there are better RBCD players on the market. Esoteric X-01 D2 or Burmester 069 for example but, they are more expensive(X-01 D2) or much more expensive(069) then REF CD7.
Reading the "review" it's obvious that Arthur loved the CD7. The points he made were small ones. No player is perfect. I have not seen a review of the CD7 that is more positive. He gave it an A+. I own the CD7 and from my perspective it's pretty darn good for the price.
To Branimir:

Have you compared the CD7 to the Burmester 069? The 069 is not in the reference line of Burmester. I'm very much interested in your comments on this comparison.

Burmester 069 in new Reference CD Player. Replacement for 970/969 combo. 069 cost in EU 34K Euro.

I did not hear it in the same system with REF CD7 but, 069 demo was pretty amazing...

But, I did compare REF CD7 with Esoteric X-01 D2 and Esoteric is more powerfull in bass with more tightness and definition. It is not that much colder in sonic signature then REF CD7 but, much more powerfull sounding overall...
I prefered X-01 D2 in multibit BB mode.

Okey, it's my mistake, I confused it with the Burmester 061. Have you ever heard the Burmester 001?
Burmester 001 is pretty close in overall sound to ARC REF CD7. Powerfull overall sound with good midrange presence and sweet yet detailed highs. REF CD7 is little bit more organic but, both are very good to my ears.

Try to audition both in your own system if possible.