Aborbers proximity to walls and speaker

How close can you have an absorber to your speakers
My room is quite narrow by placing an absorber on the side walls to treat first reflection there isn't much room between speaker and wall does this effect impact

I was told due to the loading of the room I should be using a 4 inch panel instead of a 2 inch one but that won't give me any room
See pic of my system in the virtual page
I reread what i wrote and it seems a bit confusing

Right now one of my absorbers is in the same plane as my speaker wondering if this effects what i'm hearing
If you take a look at my system page you will see the absorber to the rights location
I have moved my speakers forward one foot to get them out of that alcove

Hence my initial question is having absorption to close a bad thing or a good thing ?
Hi I think it really depends. Expiramentation might be best. Also, usually at first reflection folks us diffusion, like rpg bad arc panels. I am in the middle of a rives room project...

However, given your room, maybe it's ok. I might try diffussors of some sort also...

Sorry its not a easy answer...
Thanks for your input
Anybody else care to comment I won't bite -)
Jfrech...just finished a Rives design...email me at jwwaudio24@hotmail if you would like to share.
my room is 12'wide and the center of my speakers are 18" to the wall and 16" from the 242 to center of my speakers.
You seem to have alot more room on the side walls than I do.
The 242's(even with my limited width) do a lot for cleaning the music.Aren't the 242's 4"depth.
Hi Drummer
Thanks for posting

The space between my right side speaker and the wall is 18"
I'm using a GIK 242 but want to use a 244 as Bryan from GIK seems to think that would the ideal

Given my setup here's what I see as being problematic I will have a lot more boundary loading on the right side than the left as well as a completely different set of arrival times/intensities for early reflections

Generally the alcove the Speakears are positioned in tend to focus things and reinforce bottom end like a horn. anything coming in there as a reflection from another portion of the room is going to again, be focused and some of it actually shifted to the other sides of the room.

With that much of a drastic difference in off axis power response that low in frequency, I definitely need to absorb the reflections as they'll not only be skewed from the direct and from each other in time - but they'll have a significantly different spectral balance than the direct signal.

I hope that makes sense
All things considered the room sounds pretty good not sure how !!!!
I read a post by Ethan Winer where he had said that it was better the speaker is closer to panel than farther away.
Can't seem to find it,was either on music player.com or the
Audio circle site.
244's will absorb more bass also.
Wouldn't those 1st refection panels be a bit better lower,
they seem a little high(tweet shooting center of trap)more or less.
Musicfile,found it:audio circle(the acoustics circle)thread #4