Abominations: HT processor to tube amps?

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this?
I recognize that merely speaking of this will send me to hell, but still, I must know.
Is it for stereo listening to music only setup? Or multi-channel setup? 
You will most certainly go to hell........perhaps not for this but I am certain there are other more glaring issues....." God Speed " 
I need to have a single system, to the point where I may get rid of all but 2 amplifiers. So I'm toying with the idea of using a receiver for HT, but using tube amps for L&R.
@erik_squires, glad you asked the question.  I too have had the thought of doing likewise -- i.e. using a tube amp for L&R in a H/T setup.  So, I am also interested in hearing any good/bad or otherwise comments or experiences....   
I used to use an Audio Research VT100 for the left/right HT channels (pass through) in my main 2 channel rig. Worked great, but a tad over kill for the installation but my priority has always been 2 channel listening, so I used the gear I had on hand.