... abit confused: how does a power cord affect the presentation of sound...

Hello to all...

I was shifting around components in my system, trying to squeeze out better controlled bass, more definition within the soundstage, and better define the "voice/midrange" presentation...

I presently have a tube preamp (hardwired with a wall wart) into an HT Receiver; source is a Marantz SA-8001 CD Player

Swapped out a Yamaha HTR -5550 (hardwired) for a Parasound HCA-750A (which needs a power cord).

CD Player is powered with a PS Audio Statement SC power cord, so I went in my closet and pulled out another PS AUDIO Statement SC power cord, hooked it up and expect to give it at least 5 days continuous re-break-in before serious listening.

Took a minute to lookup reviews about this power cord - and I read some rather confusing reviews: some luved 'um, some liked 'um, but some thought them " ...slow... " (?), and giving a veiled presentation...

I'm gonna listen and decide myself - but I'm abit confused: how does a power cord affect the presentation of sound - I know that interconnects and speaker cables would/could/Do affect sound presentation - but how could a power cord?

Explanation/thoughts please...
If you have a tuner with a reception meter, you can try this yourself. I did.

I tried it about 40 years ago it's how we made an antenna to get FM stations late at night. You might do more research the reason the other two wires weren't good antennas is they were twisted wire. 
Don’t just watch part of the video. Watch it from the beginning to the end. That’s like picking up a book, reading the introduction and coming to a conclusion. It has true value especially when it comes to shielding. I’m sure you wouldn’t use the first choice with your system or maybe you may. I’m not sure. However you enjoy your music is your choice.   
Do all the research you want. Nothing substitutes trying for yourself. In your own system, with your own ears. Research is good as long as it leads to picking something to actually try.

There are people like this one above you who do “research” all day, every day, and try nothing. For some very strange / weird reason. That’s the very definition of narcissism 😂😉.
you you don’t have to buy the most expensive cable. Just buy what works for you or stick with the OEM. It’s your choice. I’ve owned several different cables and systems and I’m sure most have on this form. What I do that some may not do is test what works for me. At the end of the day what I enjoy or hear may not be what others do.There is a saying that goes, “If we are all the same, the world would be boring “.
You of course are absolutely right @decathlon