ABCKO Stones' SACD releases vs. MoFi Stones LP Set

I own a basically like-new version of the early '80's Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Rolling Stones LP box-set, as well as the new Ludwig/Gateway SACD/PCM hybrid remasters of the Stones ABCKO catalog.

Is there anyone out there who owns both these sets, too, and has compared the SACD layer on the new reissues to the MoFi LP's? I do not own an SACD player, and wonder how the SACD layer stacks up.

The MoFi LP's, for their part, are truly special.

Thank you.
I own both the MoFi lp set and many of the Stones SACDs. There is no question that the Mofi lps are some of the best pressings of the Stones catalog. They both have their strong points but I prefer the SACDs for sound quality. To my ears they are more detailed at the top and bottom ends and the mids are extended, just more musical to me.
I much prefer the Mofi Lp comparrison in my opinion. I'm not impressed at all with the ABCKO reissues...very dissapointing to least the "Beggars Banquet", and "Let it Bleed" ABCKO versions...SACD or not.
the sacd's are bad news.
I have The Mobile Fidelity Stones Box as well as many of the new SACDs. I don't think the SACD version are bad news at all. In my system the SACDS as a rule, just sound better. I haven't listened to all the titles on SACD but the earlier ones are improved over the lps.

Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of the MoFi lps but like one of the posters said they do sound musical to me. I don't regret buying the SACDs at all and plan on buying more of the Stone catalog on SACD.
The original 2002 SACD titles are not bad at all.