Hi all!I kind of have a feeling this question is in vain but,is there a vinyl re-issue that has somehow eliminated the hiss this album is known for? The CD and vinyl both have it.I could never figure out how that was missed when this awesome album was produced.
Same problem on "Who's Next" from The Who, I gave up on it. Unfortunate when you have to select music to listen to based on the engineering quality. If it's any consolation, ALL of Steve Windwood's stuff sounds incredibly good. Jeff
I'm sure you know;as George Martin tells it;the album was made "sort of with floor sweepings".---out takes off the cutting room floor.At the end of "American Beauty" a group does "Something"/or was it "Because"?.Great vocal/horible accompaniment. I dug out my cd,I hadn't played in ages. I must have played it 10x's.The sonics are so-so,but I love Paul's bass lines. Hiss?,- you must be playing it to loud.Maybe my hearing "ain't so good". Over the years as I upgraded;I have rediscovered many treasures I already owned. Emmylou Harris to name one.I saw her in person 5 x's One time at the Palimino Club, where I was sitting very close,another time at a club on Sunset,also close. I'de come home and listen on vinyl. The playback stuff I had at the time"killed" her voice.After spending "millions" she sounds fantastic. She has this wispy-fragile voice that is demanding on equipment.I am listening to Ab.Rd,as I type this --no hiss,to me.Let's see if someone chimes in, so we know fer'sher' I AM deaf,and the recording hisses.GREAT music tho.
The Hiss is there on my Cd Vesion.I dont hear it on my MO-FI Viynl version.Anyone have a cd version without the hiss.
Never noticed the hiss myself. I am missing a reason to NOT to enjoy this phenomenal recording?
if there is tape hiss that gets in your way when listening to either the single mfsl or beatles box msfl lp versions of abbey road, there's something seriously wrong with your analogue frontend. to hear how this and other beatles albums were put together, you really need to listen to all 3 sets of "anthology."
If anyone has a reavealing enough syatem you will hear the hiss on the cd version its there.
the point is not whether there's analogue tape hiss on abbey road. of course there is, as is the case on lots of pre-ddd cd/lp recordings. rather, does it interfere with your enjoyment of the music? one of the things some audiophiles like to do is try through repeated playings to pick up background conversations on recordings like "jazz at that pawnshop." guess if you get off on that then it might be important to listen for analogue tape artifacts. frankly, i'd prefer kickin' back and letting the music move me.
nothing wrong with my front end at all.I just dont like to hear hissssss during quiet passages.color me fussy!
David99, I feel sorry for you. A little bit of tape hiss? You're not fussy, you've lost perspective. Not to get overly personal, but I think you need to re-examine what this audiophile think is about. The first step is to admit you have a problem.
onhwy61"not to get personal,but I think you have a problem" OK!! what kind of a problem do I have because I have a vinyl issue of Abbey Road with tape hiss I do not like to have throughout one of my favorite albums.I am simply asking for some helpful advice as to where or even if I can find a vinyl release that has corrected the problem.Looks like I drew out the worst of audiogon again!! Gee,thanks for the help!! and onhwy61 if you have nothing to offer please dont respond to my posts,thank you.
and its not like i sit around thinking "gee,Abbey Road has tape hiss,my life is over" I played it the other night and was thinking how all the CD's and vinyl of this album I have heard was tainted by hiss I would ask my audiogon "friends" for some input.I havent heard a MOFI or another audiophile re-issue of this and thought I could get a little input what others have experienced.Heaven forbid!!! and I mean it onhwy61,stay away from me unless you have something civil to offer.
David99, I am sincerely sorry that I offended you. However, when you put your shit in a public forum, people will comment. Deal with it.
I have heard that if you play the hiss backwards it says: "Paul is not really dead, he was however involved in a rather serious motorcycle accident and required extensive plastic surgery, just like Bob Dylan".
Yeah, maybe they should have used a limiter and compressor on it. That would have helped.
I played the hiss backward and it said "onhwy61 is dead" Go figure!
And no hyw61 you didnt offend me one bit.I am not offended by people like you.BTW do you have anything constructive to offer this thread?
In the F.W.I.W. category, and in deference to the original question, here goes: In listening to the three copies I currently have on hand I found a significant dimunition in the audibility of tape hiss in going from the least to the most expensive LP (no surprise there). 1) Parlophone PCS 7088 - slightly audible but doesn't detract from musical enjoyment. 2) MFSL 1-023 - had to crank up the volume to get the same level of hiss, a more musical and detailed transcription (albeit 'punched up' IMHO). Japanese 'Pro Use' EALF-97001 - incremental decrease in hiss (nearly inaudible), much more neutral presentation. The Pro Use is undoubtedly the best LP of Abbey Road going (also IMHO), but rare as hen's teeth. Hope this helps. -John