abbey road question

does the newly re-issued vinyl abbey road sound much better than the half speed mastered mfsl from the 80's? My mfsl copy sounds like its under water for the first few songs-thanks.
I assume you mean the 2012 vinyl reissue. I believe that is a digital transfer, fwiw, but it does sound very good. I have an old original uk lp which sounds good as well. NOt familiar with Mofi version, but the MOFIs I have heard are somewhat bass heavy(DSOTM)...some prefer this, others don't.
Here's Fremer's take on Abbey Road:

I have both the MOFI and the new 2012 reissue. I prefer the
new reissue, but only by a small margin. The MOFI has
better bass and high frequency, but the 2012 reissue is
cleaner and has more "sparkle" to it. I also have
the Japanese EMI/Toshiba that came out 12 years or so ago
and find it to sound the best of the bunch.
I would have to disagree with Fremer on the domestic version. I have a Capital reissue from years ago that rivals my UK pressing and is much quieter(and cheaper). Also have a vinyl rip of the Toshiba.
I prefer early pressings in poor condition.
Surface noise with clicks and pops makes this record less boring.
I prefer early pressings in poor condition.
Surface noise with clicks and pops makes this record less boring.

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I hear ya...nothing like a worn, crappy, noise-ridden copy of AR to liven up the day...oye vey.
I heard the same thick and dull sound when I compared the two pressings, and with the gain much lower on the Mofi.
I have many digital copies of Abby Road and one is the MFSL and like the above post, I think it has too much bass. My guess is the latest vinyl is a digital mix to vinyl. I've listened to at well used copy from the very early 70's AR and the 1987 compact disc sounds better to me. I have a bootleg digital copy of AR called "Millennium Red Collection" and it sounds the best of all the copies I have collected.
Not to start a fight but, It the LP comes from digital how can it really be analog? I mean isn't a recording originally put on a master TAPE then pressed to vinyl what the big deal is about vinyl? I mean I love vinyl and have many records but once digital, always digital, right?
Whatever cuts grooves is analogue.
Digital mastering used to gain better instrument mix with very high sampling rate. No need to worry it's NOT digitized and spoiled. It's been done since early 80's and type of mastering has nothing to do with its quality. Digitally mastered ECM vinyls sound better on cheap turntable than on pricey CD player.
They are using the original analogue tapes tranferred to digital for mixing and mastering. The end result is a file that is sent to the vinyl cutters for pressing.
I have about 9 copies from different countries and this is my take on them.

1.UK original.
2.Japanese pro use.
3.Holland release.
4.Regular japanese Red or Black & 1st MFSL release.
7.MFSL Box set or second release.