AAD Speakers

Anyone have experience with these? I am particularly interested in the 2003 floor standers and the 2001 bookshelfs (they are the same price after you get the 2001 stands).
Are you talking about American Accoustic Development? If so, I have the E-48s. If we are talking about the same thing let me know and I will tell you what I think of mine. Thanks
Yes, the same company! I was interested in their high-end line but welcome any feedback.
The E-48s are get up and go. They are a lot fun. In other words they have good punch, the rock! I think these speakers perform better than their price. I paid 650.00 for the E-48s. They are in my secondary system for my bedroom. AAD shipped to me and they took about 200 hours before they really started sounding good. While I was waiting for them to break in, I auditioned 6 other speakers in the one thousand dollar range. The E-48s were right up there so I decided to keep them as they are a good price for performence speaker. I have a NAD 541i cd player, Rotel 1065 reciever, Home Grown Silver Lace interconnects, and Nordust flatwire speaker cable. They can sound a little bright, but I have Silver interconnects and a solid state amp (The Rotel 1065) so maybe tubes or different interconnects can corret it. I hope that helps. Thanks.

@joe2022 american acoustic dimension ,, sister company of nad new acoustic dimension , a company from england