AAD Q50 Speakers

Anyone know anything about these. About all I can find on the web are the specs. Nothing on how they may actually sound. Thanks for any help
Personally, i've never owned a pair of these speakers..but i better stay away from this brand..i havent heard any positive review about them, just know that they have a poor sound quality.
aad is the latest venture of phil jones, who's something of a legend of speaker design--he was involved with acoustic energy, boston acoustics (when they were a major player) and platinum audio, and i think, soliloqy. his trademark is getting bass response from small enclosures and using metal cone woofers. all the speakers of his that i've heard are inefficient (they really need power) but have nice balance and lots of thwack, with a very good low end. i've owned both the platinum studios (very good) and the platinum solos (great). i haven't heard his aad stuff, which is rarely seen around his parts; it looks like like the q series was aads middle line, with his top end stuff being extremely expensive; i haven't read any bad reviews and surprised at the poster who "just knows" they have bad sound quality. personally, on the strength of the designer's reputation, and depending on price i might take a flyer on the q50s
Here is the deal with these. A friend of mine wants me to take them home and tryem. But, them wieght 173 pounds a piece. Somewhat of a tank. What i am trying to figure out is if it's really worth the effort of getting them out of his house. Then have to get them into my house without any damage. Also do I want to have to deal with moving them from time to time for painting, cleaning etc.....

An opinion on another model.LINK>>[http://www.hometheatersound.com/equipment/aad_qseries.htm]
by Hifitime
Hard to believe that noone has any experienced input on the Q50's.
I had the E-48s back in 2002. I thought they were as about as good as you can get at sub 1000.00s. Really good speaker with rock.
Great speakers; AAD popular in ather countries; some of the best for the money for the features and sound you get, like tri-wireable, adjustable bass tuning, full-range. For home theater, not many can rival them; for music, it depends on the listener.
You can not go wrong. Imagine that the Q1000 sub was created for that system and it is huge. Fun to play with. Do not feed it with some cheap electronics. Quality in, quality out.