aad loudspeakers c200

listen to jazz and classical. anyone heard the aad c200 speakers? this line has something to do with siloquey.
Not sure if AAD has anything to do with siloquey. It has to do with Phil Jones, formerly of Platinum Audio. I listened to the AAD 2002, sounded very similar to my Platinum Audio Duo's. Which I am very happy with listening to jazz.
we are Quest for Sound ... a showcase dealer on audiogon and an AAD Dealer and a Soliloquy dealer ....

AAD is owned and designed by Phil Jones ,,,, Soliloquy is the sole importer of AAD speakers in the USA... they ship out of the Soliloquy Factory in N.C..... Phil Jones Has done many of the designs on the Soliloquy speakers including the new soliloquy 6.5 ...

The AAD c-200 are a very nice sounding bookshelf speaker
they are bi-wirable -- have a 88db senitivity and a range of 40hz to 20khz .. and have a extreamly nice sound to them ...they are great for a small system or an bedroom or an apartment ...

if you have any questions .. drop me a line or call soliloquy at -919.876.7554

good listening