AAD 2001 or 2002

Any one has experience on these monitors? (the later incarnation of Platinum Audio Solo and Duo)

How power angry they really are?
There is consensus on the excellent bass (especially for the size), but how about midrange and treble?

Rgrds, Thks.
Midrange is open, natural, smooth, a bit forward. Treble is smooth, dynaudio like. Imaging was right there with good sou dstaging although I listened nearfield.
Pretty amazing speakers.

If I could find them on Audiogon I'd snap them up.
I heard these just the other day for the first time and was blown away by their performance! Incredible bass for their size and great clarity and layering. The incredible thing was their pairing with the Sound Quest SQ-84, a 10W tubed integrated. A magical pairing! I had never heard either of these before, and wasn't even planning on giving them a listen, I was just getting the 'tour' on my first visit to Quest for Sound and was immediately taken at the musicality of this system!