AA PRIMA tweaks ......

I have the latest Sony mechanism AA Prima cd player and have added the following:

1)3 Adona brass cones and feet under the player(very inexpensive).Two in front and one at the back.Walker Audio tuning puck ontop of the player.ERS absorbing material(two sheets) over the tube area of the player.
2)Signal Cable Magic Power Digital Reference powercord(4 feet)
3)PS Audio UPC 200 power conditioner.

Try these,or similar, tweaks and you will be amazed with the results.I certainly am ....

The Prima as packaged new is extremely slippery on top of my wood audio rack. Any suggestions how to correct this using the Adona cones (and feet?) to make this less slippery? I can not let the tips dig into the wood. Bluetack?

Thanks in advance.
Yes,I use the feet.

If you go for the Walker's ,get the Supertuning kit and use the Walker discs under the cones.
Edcook - I use rubber washers from Lowe's between my cones and Prima. Solved the problem for me, all at a cost of $1.20.

Hard contact between cones and player is questionable anyway. Rubber is a necessary ingredient for proper damping IMO. Arthur
Aball,if the rack is solid enough/damped(I have a custom rack made from metal tubing/sandfilled glass shelves but weights on the glass to dampen vibration...)then the idea is to get rid of the vibration from the component to the "surroundings".Therefore,the contact needs to be as solid as possible.This at least makes sense to me on a cd player.Perhaps on an amp the "floating" isosation on rubber etc mak4es sense since you protect it from vibration from the "surroundings"
This at least my thinking on the matter .....
Bluebull and Aball, thanks for the suggestions.

My audio/video rack is a large solid wood coffee table (3x5' with solid wood 1.5" top and 4" solid wood legs)with a 75 lb 42" plasma monitor, 30 lb amp and other audio components holding it down. I place the amp and CD player on the top in front of the plazma. I don't know much about vibration, but with 100 lbs of components sitting on the top of this solid wood rack, in your opinion, will I still have vibration issues? Thanks in advance for the advice.

I see the "surroundings" as the rubber washer, in addition to the rack.
Arthur,rubber will not really lead to the disposal of any vibrations from the cd player to the rack,but may of course lead to dampening/absorbsion of any vibration from the cd player.The rubber,will protect from vibration from the rack reaching the component.I guess this also depends on how hard the compound of the rubber is.I used squash balls cut in half under the feet of an hybrid amp ,at one stage.It did make a difference.

Funny,a while ago ,I thought this whole "vibration" control issues were nonsense, until I tried it myself ...
Exactly. I have a collegue that does research in elasticity of materials for dampening and I can tell you that even the slightest differences in material type and characterisitics will affect entirely different mechanical frequency ranges. It is luck of the draw without highly specialized equipment. Once again, empirical determination is the best way.
Same here,Plasma on the rack,between the speakers.Less than ideal,of course ....
Bluebull, one thing you might want to consider is having the guys at TRL (tube research labs) mod your player. It's like $595 US dollars, a flat fee, AND they offer a money back guarantee. Let me tell you, the difference it made to my audiomeca DAC was MINDBLOWING. I honestly can't overstate the improvement in imaging, bass, soundstaging, resolution, etc. Phenominal, and for the money I have NEVER gotten such an improvement. Don't know if you have the super bam yet or not. It was a very nice, worthwhile improvement, but the TRL mod of my dac was simply in another league.

wellsjason@gmail.com if you have any questions about it...
Yes,I have the SuperBAM.

Mod to the Prima,not an option for me...freight,customs etc.Thanks for the info,though.
Symposium has a mod for the Audio Aero stuff which I'll have done to my Altis once I pay some bills.