AA DTI Pro32 Manual

I just picked up a DTI Pro 32 to replace my DTI 2.0, but the former owner didn't have the manual. Needless to say, set up is less than intuitive. Does anybody know where I can pick up a copy? (Any kind audiophiles with a manual and a scanner?) Also, does anyone have contact info for Dusty at Channel Islands - the box has the first generation chip and I'd like to upgrade. Thanks in advance.
I recently had a repair done to my DDS Pro by Dusty. I contacted him through www.monolithicsound.com where he also works. Also, I believe you can purchase the upgrade AD3 adaptive dither chip from www.hcmaudio.com. it may not be on their web page but i think they still have some in stock. give them a call.

Good luck!
Dusty's number is (805) 382-9398.
I don't have a scanner (I should!), but will mail a photocopy if you email your mailing address.

For now, be advised that Audio Alchemy suggests you insert the 1/8" mini-plug into the unit BEFORE connecting the power supply to A/C. (I imagine to save the microprocessors from electro-shock therapy.)

To change modes, depress and hold the "Phase" button. The three "Power" LEDs will go off, then come on indicating the current mode. With the "Phase" button still depressed, press the "Input" button to sequentially select the desired mode. Reading the "Power" LEDs from top to bottom, (with 0=off and 1=on) the modes are: HDCD=000, 16=001, 18=010, 20=011, 22=100, 24=101, None=110. In HDCD mode, the "Phase" switch is disabled and both "Phase" indicators are on. Note that the "HDCD" and "None" settings are different: "HDCD" mode applies no resolution enhancement or dithering to a fixed output word length, while "None" performs resolution enhancement but does not dither to a fixed output word length. (This is described in an article by Robert Harley).

I hope this is a help.
Thanks to all of you for the input.... Ghostrider45 has very kindly offered to send along a copy of the manual (BIG THANKS), so it looks like I'm set. I certainly appreciate the offer, Jaycee. (I have other AA units, and remembered the warning about powering up...) Looks like I'll be calling Dusty after all... I'm getting input locked in, but after about 2 seconds of output I hear a click and lose it. At that point it's locking up and won't do anything until I power it up again. Anybody know if this is a common problem with the early versions of the unit ?