AA Dti PRO 32 for perpetual P1A???

Should I trade in my Audio Alchemy DTI pro 32 for the perpetual technologies P1A?? They are offering a $500 trade in value. Sounds like a good deal, anyone know or experienced first hand if it really surpasses the performance of the DTI pro 32?? Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Senorkenessey. Is the Audio Alchemy DTI Pro 32 an anti-jitter device or a DAC? I believe the Perpetual Technologies P1A is an unsampler and correction engine only, and the P3A is a DAC. If you don't already have a DAC wouldn't you need both the P1A and P3A combo? But, if the DTI Pro is a DAC and you're thinking of adding the P1A in front of the AA, I don't know how that would work.

I just want to mention this in case you weren't aware of that. As far as sound characteristics, I haven't heard either. Sorry I couldn't help you more.
I don't have any experience with the P1-a either, but I owned the whole AA setup-DDE3.0, DTI-Pro, Monolithic supply, Channel Island mods etc. I now own the P-3a(DanWright mod) with Monolithic supply and I am totally blown away. It is in a whole different league from the old AA stuff. I never liked the sound of the DDE3without the DTI Pro in front of it but the P3a is WONDERFUL. Extremely detailed yet smooth and musical with a Awesome soundstage. I am waiting for the software to become available for my speakers (B&W N804's)before I get the P1-a which should be in about a month acording to the company. I can hardly wait! So I guess my answer is YES go for it. $500 is a very generous tradein and the P1-a is many times advanced over the DIT-Pro. Like comparing a Pentium 1 to a Pentium 4.