AA Capitole 1 or 11

I noticed both versions for sale.
The first version having a romote
control upgrade. Is there a major
performance advantage on the latest
version? Thanks Randy
Most people will tell you the MKII is superior sounding,Both MKI and MII are probably some of the best single box cd players available.
The MK II has greater resolution, bass and extension in the highs than the MK I. It also has a few software problems which have been resolved in the latest chip.

The MK I plays all CDR's that I have where the MK II does not. The MK I is extremely reliable with no software issues whatsoever. While not being as good looking or as sturdy as the MK II, it is still the best sounding CD player I have heard other than the MK II.

As the largest dealer for Audio Aero, I have only had two MK II units, out of all that have shipped, that had physical problems. Both have been taken care of quite well by the distributor.

There is no wrong decision.
Saxman2, If you have the cash, let your ears tell you which one to buy. I've had both of them in my system (running direct) and they both have distinct characteristics. Only listening to them in your system will help you on this one. If you don’t want to pay twice the price for the MK II, then just get a MK I. They’re both the finest single-box players I’ve ever heard.
Hi guys, I already decided and bought
the MKII from Jtinn. Now the wait for
another week.