A Worthwhile Untrasonic Cleaner

I just purchased these two items from Amazon (PRIME)...

An Album Rotation device - holds 5 albums...

An Utransonic Cleaning Tub

The rotation device is extremely well built and fits the tub perfectly. The tub also looks well made, but is a bit noisy, but that is normal from what I have read..

I have just finished cleaning some 30+ albums and found the complete unit is extremely good at getting rid of those crackles and pops - even finger prints and other grunge - with minimal effort

The tub defaults to a wash time of 5 minute (I used 10 minutes) and I reduced default temperature to 20 Celsius, but the ultrasonic process warms the water up, so by the time I had finished some 35+ albums it was 30 Celsius.

Even had a friend come over with 3 of his dirtiest albums - grunge + finger prints - just plain grubby. Ten minutes of cleaning and voila - shiney like new (apart from the scratches) playing the album was almost noise free - probably needed a second wash.

So the total cost for both units was around $450 from Amazon.ca ($370 from Amazon.com)) for the two pieces - which from what I have been seeing is perhaps the lowest price for an Ultrasonic cleaner out there.

Eager to try the unit that arrived yesterday, I only used distilled water - without any additive

What additive does the absolute best job ?
What difference does it make?
Or should I just stick with distilled water?

Thanks for any feedback.

One of the best analogue related value for money products I have ever purchased

At this rate I’ll clean my entire vinyl library pretty quickly AND do some of the wife’s jewellery :-)

If you are looking for something that actually cleans you vinyl well - consider these products.

Regards - Steve

@benjie - what machine are you using?

How many watts?

What is the vibration frequency?

There seems to be a few "variables" and would like to get an appreciation of these attributes of your machine

Many Thanks
@williewonka OP

I am using an iSonic P4875, it is an commercial quality machine. Its a 35 Khz frequency at 165 watts. 3 industrial grade stack transducers with individual control PCB for unmatched cleaning power. The tank is nice and wide at 9.5 inches. The unit is well insulated so it runs pretty quiet, it doesn’t buzz your brains out.

I use the VinylStack Ultra Sonic Spin to mount the records. There is 1 inch spacers that go between the records so there is plenty of room for proper cleaning and you have control on how fast the records spin in the tank. Nice design.

Hope this helps.
You definitely need something to break down the surface tension in the water. There is a commercial product, Terrigal I believe is the product name. It's what the Smithsonian uses to clean records with.
There is a big thread on AK on the proper products to use with a chemist involved in the discussion. Lot's of really great info there.It's nice to see ultrasonic record cleaning coming down in price.

You definitely need something to break down the surface tension in the water.
Not really - that’s one of the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning. But probably not all US cleaners produce equal cavitation. For those that are weak, something like Tergitol may be necessary.

That’s part of what makes the Klaudio US cleaner so appealing, though. Nothing but distilled water is required.
You can keep saying it but it doesn’t make it true. Plain distilled water does not clean oil, grease or dirt from the record surface or the record groove. As for the all powerful Klaudio machine, it’s 40 khz. That’s nothing special. The only thing special about it is the over $4000 price tag. And now they are going to stop production. Great product.