a wonderful experience with T3.4 speaker

I have owned the ClassicAudioLoudspeaker T3.4 for the last 2 years.For those of you who are not familiar with the brand or this particular speaker,it is a full range 3 way horn speaker with an efficiency of 100db/w-m.Lately I have noticed some crackling noise from the horn.I called John Wolff the owner and builder of the speaker for help.He happens to reside in Michigan,while I am in Maryland suburb of DC.John made the effort on the coming weekend to make the 9 hour drive to repair the speaker.He actually improved the response of the horn speaker and spent an entire day in helping positioning the speakers.The speakers are driven by Atmasphere amps,John proceeded to show me how to easily test the power tubes.I have both the S-30 and the M-60,and had problems in biasing the M-60 with identifying which of the 8 power tubes are not up to par.John did all the testing ending in me rejecting about 7 tubes.His help was beyond praise,not only does he make an outstanding speaker at a very competitive price he provides the kind of service that I which was always available in the high end audio industry.
Wow what a great story. A man dedicated to his work....I heard his speakers at the Cap Audiofest and was floored! I may have to investigate further. Thanks for sharing.