A wind-up Phonograph made by Micro Seiki?

So I'm going through this this huge lot of antique turntables, some NOS and I come across these three large boxes, heavy too. They are from Micro Seiki corporation and as luck would have it they had never been opened. Upon opening one a large, heavily padded envelope sat on top with the owners manual in Japanese print. They were sitting on top of some other cardboard and foam packed parts. Inside was this large brass handle. As I unpacked further I can tell this is not a turntable like the rest it's a phonograph like the old wind up style RCA-Victor and Thomas Edison but it's brand new in the box and made by Micro. I stopped unpacking right there and went to the internet to see if anyone else has one of these or had ever heard of one. The answer is NO.

So I have this Micro Seiki Phonograph I'm trying to figure out what to do with, complete with a large tarnished copper horn that appears to mount to the top. It's in three boxes and has a small wooden box with the wind up motor and speed controls. I'm sure this was some sort of promotional in store display or something from back in the day before Micro went out of business but what a cool find and a great conversation piece.
Have you tried a 78 on it?
Get it appraised.
Where can I go to get it appraised? I live in California and there is nothing like it to forma a basis. I just unpacked two new in the box BL-21 belt drives, two speed, blank arm board, no arm, no platter mat, no manuals either but they are ebony plinth and striking to look at. They test fine and spin perfectly quiet and the strobes work, speed is steady. Not bad for 30+ years old. They have the dustcovers too but they have minor stress cracks from stacking I assume. I'm going to sell them for $500 each in case you might know someone who might be interested. There's a pic on my Technics SL-1100 ad.
The description in your original post sounds like an antique, so my suggestion to have it appraised was for an antiques dealer. But in looking at your picture, I don't know that my suggestion was appropriate.

You might want to have the high-end palace (http://www.highendpalace.com) have a look at it, or http://www.higherfi.com/ Maybe someone there might have an idea of the value or maybe do business with you??? Seems like a rare and esoteric piece with possible value???
I'd possible be interested. Please feel free to get in touch. Do you have a picture or any other info? What did you have in mind as an asking price? Thanks, Mark