A website that has audible sample tracks?

Ok, finally, I'm very happy with my system. I want to ebay many CDs as i can but, at the same time, i wanna quickly go thru (listen)them first before engaging.
May I ask what website has the most audiable samples for all CDs?
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iTunes allows you to preview songs, but only portions of the song. Are you looking to hear entire tracks?
spotify.com and mog.com if you want full tracks. amazon.com, itunes.com and emusic.com for partial tracks. I'm sure there are lots of others.
@jlind, no. I just need to hear partially samples of what EXACTLY in the CDs that I am interested in.
@Sfar, thanks. I'll look them up
All music dot com has many samples. Then Amazon does too.
Between them I can usually find what i want.
For full labums check Pandora, and just create a station with the desired artist. it may not play the exact album you want right off, but it can give you an idea of the artist's style. (and others you might also like if you like that artist)
As Elizabeth said, Pandora is one of the best ways to find new music and if you take the time to 'train' the software by giving songs thumbs-up or thumbs-down and using the 'more like this' function you can fine tune a station to your liking.

The premium subscription, Pandora One at $36 dollars a year, is definitely worthwhile. There's no advertising, you can skip as many songs as you like and the music stream is higher quality than the free version.
Check out MOG.com They offer a free 30 day trial and 4.99/month if you want to sign on. One can listen to entire albums. Spotify is more expensive but still a bargain.
You can also try cduniverse dot com. They have a nice selection of cd's. Track previews are available as well.