A warm DAC?

Help me pair a DAC with my Prima Luna integrated, Focal 1038 be and PS Audio Perfect Wave transport...Speakers are quite detailed. Looking to level out the high end. Prefer analog warmth. No interest in streaming, expect to use for CD play only...budget $2500.
Buy what you like but not at least hearing/auditioning the Meridian ultra Dac would be a big mistake. The inventor of MQA is not as dismissable a that.  John Atkinson agreeing (the link to his review in my last answer) is also not the nothing you perhaps think it is.  I can only suggest you acknowledge the above by hearing & then deciding - rather than the reverse or the second part only.  Good non-Meridian cabling will intensify this beyond description.  It comes up used from time to time as well.
I'm late to the party here, but the Doge 7 tube DAC is a fantastic option for you. It has a fully balanced tube output stage, giving you the flexibility to roll NOS tubes and make it as warm as you want it.

It sounds really analog for a DAC, it's an absolute giant-killer and I'm surprised it doesn't have more of a following.
Just to jump on this. Does anyone have opinions on the Wavelength Proton (an older, supposedly "warm" sounding DAC) stacks against contemporary DACS? It is far more limited in decoding option, but at least a few years ago, some people still reported that it competed well with sub-$1000 dacs. Anyone got opinions on the current state of things?
I'm thrilled to see that bo "summarized" his thoughts without addressing the OP's question.