A warm and rich sounding power cord

Hi,I am looking for a warm and rich sounding power cord from the wall to the p600 powerplant.Can anybody suggest one around $200 used.
Have you tried the Chris Venhaus Flavor 2 power cord yet?
He is selling it here (search for VH audio)for $64.99 per four feet fully assembled. Of course, I am not affiliated to him or the company. Just making a suggestion to inform, not to convince...
Cardas Golden
I just made a #1 and #2 from the Chris VenHaus website with his new wire. The new VH Audio cable is much better than the Belden 83803 cords I recently made and several other more expensive, well known cords. He will make them for you or has all the parts available if you want a DIY project.
VH Audio
The BMI Whale.
Buy an used Audio Magic Xtream power cord (~$40.00), cut both connectors. Then, use a Schurter IEC 320 connector and a Pass Seysmour HG 5266 plug. For less than $60.00 you will have a fantastic power cord.
Any Teflon dielectric insulation cable, like the Belden 83800 series and CVH's mod of it) are NOT going to sound "warm". Far from it. Their appeal is a VERY clean and extended, linear top octave, which is NOT what the threadhead is requesting.
A decent OE 14AWG using cheaper dielectric may offer a warmer balance.
Eagle, given your criticisms of the 83800 series just a few weeks ago, and now your glowing acceptance of Chris' clone, I have to wonder why you're shilling here? Sorry if I'm mistaken, but....
The Cardas Golden is a good choice for a rolled top end.
I saw Eagle's posts, and don't believe he criticized the 83800 series cords' sound. He was questioning your recommendation of using the wire for house-wiring. Eagle did some research (possibly HELPING you avoid a potential lawsuit), and now you throw it back in his face?

Calling someone a "shill" because they happen to prefer my new wire over the 83803 speaks more to your motivations than his, IMHO.

Labeling my new wire as a clone is also incorrect. I would refer you to Webster's definition of "clone": "one that appears to be a copy of an original form". Clearly, my new wire is not a copy of the 83802, as there are several significant differences that I have clearly laid out, and other differences which I did not disclose.

Your innuendos, subterfuge, and looseness with your facts are more transparent than you might think, IMHO.
Jitmingl, I didn't want my suggestion of the VH Audio cords to cause your thread to be hijacked. I was mainly seconding the suggestion of Amandarae to try them because of my good recent experience.

I have seen it mentioned more than once here to not try to correct system problems with cables. If you have a bright sounding system there might be a better way to correct it than with a power cord. What component/s does your P600 feed?
It was also a good suggestion above to try a Cardas Golden and you should consider a Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler as well.
Try a PS Audio Lab, you can pick them up for around $225 used and they work great with power plants.Dont try to change sound with power cords or any wire. If you are looking for this you may consider changing componets then work on wires! Good Luck
>>>Dont try to change sound with power cords or any wire. >>>If you are looking for this you may consider changing >>>componets then work on wires! Good Luck

I agree wholeheartedly. If people spent most of their money upgrading components instead of spending big dollars on cables to mask fundamental flaws in their system, people would be significantly happier in the long-run, IMHO.
You can definitely effect some serious tuning changes by experimenting with cabling & I suggest that you do just that! The Cardas suggestion above is a good one - do check it out.
Chris, it's just too much of a coincidence, eh? Maybe there was some validity in his preference owing to the comparison of 12/3 '03 vs your 12/2 '02, vis-a-vis a safety ground too close to the hot in his application.
Indeed I should have given him the scientific benefit of the doubt, as it were. Sorry to Eagle for jumping the gun.
Again, Belden's lack of due diligence in securing UL approval for a mighty-fine power cable has roots in cost-benefit analysis: they just don't sell much of the stuff.
They were backordered this past month, however, so maybe they'll wake up to our tiny market's needs, eh?

Re motivations I perfectly understand your need to differentiate your product from a non-proprietary over-the-counter progenitor. But denuding it of color, twisting it a bit and and adding secret pixie dust, and then calling it "improved in many areas" before it was even available as a production item seems to be more brilliant but "loose" marketing than a genuinely better product, as far as I can tell, pre-production prototypes testing aside.

I won an auction for a feet of your NEAR-clone, if you will, but still haven't heard from you. I'm curious to try yours out. If it is indeed an improvement to my quite-unbiased 16 yr old musician-daughter's truly amazing top octave sensitivity hearing in single-blinds, then I'll be happy to recommend it to others, or even buy some!

Your attempts to proprietize a loose copy of one of these Belden 83800 series cables did get me to thinking about attempts to improve its performance, if even possible.

I fell back on my work in lab equipment manufacture, QA and marketing back in the 70s and 80s and remembered a process I codeveloped to stabilize finished fluorocarbons (PTFE, FEP and PDVF) after various manufacturing processes.
Seems that these wonder-plastics hold potential mechanical stresses that VERY SLOWLY resolve across time...sometimes an entire year (mechanically...electrical property migration's audibility is unknown to me). We developed a process for completely de-stressing these superlow dielectric plastics after molding, extruding and tooling, such that tolerance creep went from as much as 0.1% to less than 100th of that (under the measurement noisefloor).

So my little trick is to "treat" these 83800 Series Cables with said treatments to relax them electro-mechanically before shipment. Benefits include an extraordinary transparency and openness of the top octave, with full bottom end dynamics with a much shortern and shallower burn-in curve (if that could be quantified). So I'll call it Enhanced Stabilization Treatment...nothing more, and nothing less.

So please stop casting aspersions. I know you're one of the good guys out there trying to help others enjoy music affordably, as I am. The Eagle/Chris tag-team antics aside, I tremendously respect your decision to NOT simply encase these affordable wires in a $$$ low-value product, as we know several marketers are doing. You're offering an attractive web-page service selling your version of 83802 with your style of "uniqueness". The 19x26 does indeed provide a softer "hand"...yet is more difficult to push into terminal beds without errand threads. Some folks will like the translucent white coloration, or the super-twist...others not. Not important.
I just have to feel that proper, normal devil's advocacy is warranted when novel claims of superiority are made, just as with the high-priced spreads.

To avoid market cannibalization and offer A'goners other services, I'll stock some of the larger 83800 series for 9AWG PCs, dedicated lines and those PowerBoxes that otherwise seem so over-priced in the market. Your webpage access will guarantee your success. I'm happy to simply consult with folks re their total power delivery schemes one at a time, as I don't have to rely on selling product to make a living in my spare time. You may have learned that I'm somewhat disabled from a crazy fall last summer, with what continues to be diagnosed as non-responsive sciatica due to a herniated disc. The HMO ended my PT yesterday, suggesting that I now speak with surgeons. Yech.
My one-man Subaru business has been bush-wacked, of course, so I just fell into this David vs Goliath role after enjoying the 83800 stuff in my system for almost 3 years now, after seeing that Schurter redesigned their IEC into a DIY no-solder friendly design. Now I find myself immersed in this sparring, when I thought we'd be allies.

But then again I'm French....Ha!

Sorry to bend the thread, guys, and hope this pre-caffeinated (and highly pain-medicated) post isn't inappropriate. Cheers.
This is a great power cord.

jitming1, I would stay with the stock power cord if I were you if you want warm and sweet....Buy $200 worth of recordings instead.....
Acoustic Zen Tsunami has worked great on my P.S. Audio P300. I tried a Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler, but I think that the AZ made more of a difference--an improvement. In fact, I was really surprised by the difference. Tweak on!