A Walk in The COUNTRY

I've always liked classic country like Hank and Bob Wills and Ernest Tubb. I also like contemporary "off the charts" country like Big Sandy and Wayne Hancock and Hank III. I've never liked the kind of "new" pop country they play on the radio. Recently I came across a relatively new country singer/songwriter named Jamey Johnson--I LOVE this guy's music!! Got the vinyl and the CD of "Guitar Song" (surprisingly well recorded) and I've been wearing it out! So here's my question: does anyone have any suggestions of country musicians from the 70s to today who sound like Jamey Johnson? It's often pegged as "outlaw" country, AKA Waylon and Hank Jr.. I'd like to build up my collection in this category. Thanks!
jamey johnson is one of my favorites too. check out "the lonesome song" cd. since you liked "the guitar song" then you are in for s treat.
Thanks. I do have "The Lonesome Song" CD, and it's great too. To clarify, I'm looking for the following qualities:

Authentic Country
Deep Voice
Attention to song craft--this is one of the things I love about Johnson. He pays attention to song beginnings and endings, and really builds the drama. His word choice is original, his phrasing and timing help to tell the story.

I'm pretty sure Waylon Jennings should be on my list. David Allan Cohe (sp?) as well. If you could just suggest the best Jennings, Hank Jr., Cohe, I'd probably be on the right track. Thanks again, guys.
Randy Travis' "No Holding Back" (1989). The craftsmanship you're looking for is there in spades.

He's made many albums but this seems to be a high point.
Go to Pandora and build a station with Jamey Johnson and see what other artists come up.
James Otto
Chris Young
I heard Hank III's Cattle Callin on satelite radio and a following interview with him. Very interesting.

Plan on buying that cd soon. I have just recently listened to Outlaw Country and have enjoyed several artists.
Tom Russell. His early work with the Tom Russell Band is my favorite era but he continues to put out excellent cds.

Jerry Jeff Walker. I'd recommend only his early work, up through "Ridin' High".

I don't know if either sound like Jamey Johnson, though, because I've never heard him.

Some others worth looking into:
Joe Ely
early Steve Earle
Billy Joe Shaver, especially the band Shaver with his (now deceased) son Eddie on guitar
Dwight Yoakam
Ray Wylie Hubbard

and anyone with an interest in country music should get familiar with Emmylou Harris. I'm sure she doesn't sound like Jamey but man is she good.
There are many that fit the songsmith traits listed, but few can be classified as outlaw country.

Davis Allan Coe would fit the bill but be aware that his song content may be objectionable to some. I would start with 'Rides Again'.

Too many great Waylon records to list, but the one I have played the most is 'Live'.

Merle Haggard should also be at the top of the list. As genuine as it gets. Wrote a good chunk of his earlier stuff while in prison at San Quinton. Anything from the 60's through the 70's is a winner.

And the real-deal country outlaw without a doubt is Johnny Paycheck. Look past the "take this Job..." and delve deeper into his catalog. His songwriting came from real life experiences and sings em like he means it. Was convicted of shooting a guy in a bar fight and later pardoned by the governor. Anything up until about the mid-eighties. He cannot be beat in this category IMO.

One of the best things about DAC, Haggard, Paycheck is that they wrote a good portion of their own songs.

Hope this helps. Mike
gram parsons, butch hancock, jerry jeff walker, bobby bare, joe ely, early earl thomas conley.
Thanks--these are all great suggestions. I have a bunch of Merle, but many of the names you all mentioned are new to me. I liked Mofimadness's suggestion about Pandora. Just got a trial subscritpion to MOG, and I'm really digging it--listening to David Allan Coe Radio which is bringing up many of the above mentioned names! I'll go on a CD spree next weekend and let you know what I get!
Since HankIII and Wayne the Train were mentioned, A good source for new music is: Savingcountrymusic dot com. Reviews of new music and bands that you may not be exposed to, stuff you will not hear on the radio.

Two younger bands that I like:
Whitey Morgan and the 78's (second album is the self titled and really good).
Lucky Tubb (Ernest Tubb's great nephew)
I enjoy all the above - although not a country artist per se you might enjoy, John Doe & the Sadies, Country Club
billy joe shaver
I don't know about Jamey Johnson, but if you like Wills pick up Asleep at The Wheel if you don't already have some.
Bobby Bare, Darker Than Light, 2012 w/guests Buddy Miller & Randy Scruggs. An album of classic covers - from House of the Rising Sun to Shenandoah to Dylan to U2. Highly recommended.
Willie Nelson.
A talented writer and good storyteller who I have always enjoyed is Chris Wall.
Hi all, new member here. Just checking out all the forums and came across this thread.

From the same era, Red Steagall (great songwriter and conveyor of authentic lyrics) and Johnny Lee (great set of pipes, under-rated in my opinion) have to be included. And please don't forget the late Keith Whitley - great voice and talent. It's a shame he left early.
By the way, I can't get enough Jamey Johnson. When I read a thread about 30 minutes ago about songs in which the artist delivers with passion, I though of Jamey's song "Back to Caroline", he belts it out. I too feel his recordings are done very well.
I don't know if it is exactly country, but I recommend Ian Tyson's solo efforts.

It is what I would call cowboy music. Try "Cowboyography" for a starter
Although not from the old school class I feel compelled to include Alan Jackson (class of circa 1990), in this mix. Specifically his cover album "Under the Influence" which are remakes of some of his favorite inspirations from the old days - hence the tie to this discussion. This album really highlights his abilities as a singer. I also feel it was recorded/mixed very well. There are some who don't really care for him but most of them agree they like him in this album.
Sturgill Simpson, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, 2014. If you like Jamey, Waylon, etc. w/a little psychedelia thrown in check it out.
Got to Love the Gorilla video!