A Wadia 860 Question.

Just bought a pre-owned Wadia 860x and going through the instruction manuel on page 10 and 12. It says that I can adjust the left and right balance of the volume through the remote but the remote which was given to me does not have any buttons to do that!
Would owners of the 860 please shed some light?
Well on my remote there are two buttons on the top left (blue buttons) that lets you adjust balance. From memory, they are the two buttons on the first row, one button from the left.

How are you liking your new purchase ?
May I suggest you look into the following:
NBS Statement 3 or Monitor 0 (latter is tighter but "drier")
FIM Gold (best all rounder)
Whale Elite (heard very good things)
Good Morning Chris,
If you have the metal remote that comes with the Wadia 860, look at the owners manual on page 10 where it explains the remote control operation and you'll see two buttons at the very top, located between the auto space on the left and the display on/off buttons on the right. It doesn't say balance, but there's an icon that resembles a L-------R teter-tauter that controls the balance function. The second paragraph on page 11 is titled "adjusting the balance" and it will tell you how it works. If you don't have an owners manual, please email me and I'll make a copy for you and send it to you. Good luck..Skip
You have the 850 remote. The buttons are right at the top of the remote. Maybe a dealer will exchange???
Thanks, the 860 is very good. As for now, I need to go back to the dealer .... arrggghh.