A vintage DAC

About 6 months ago I purchased an Audio Research DAC5 from a friend. I have done as much research as possible regarding this DAC and have come up short of my expectations for information. Being a novice I have searched this forum and the internet in general and have been unable to find any info regarding the DAC5 and was hoping you would/could share your experience with this unit.

I am very pleased with the AR DAC5 and I prefer its sound to my Cal CL-20 but don't get me wrong when I say my Cal also sounds absolutely amazing. I don't know how to properly express the difference between the 2 but I can say I prefer the bass of the DAC5 because it just seems very accurate compared to the Cal.

That said, I thank you in advance for any input, opinions or insight regarding the DAC5.

Tube versus solid-state bass, correct? You'll never get the control of solid-state once the signal goes through a tube, although some tube designs come a lot closer than others...
Unless the information I have gathered is incorrect both units are solid state.

I'm unsure though and thanks for the consideration here.
I like this DAC too. Use a CANARE with BNC on DAC end is better than use a RCA cable with a RCA/BNC adaptor. Prefer balanced output.
Could you let me know the price for DAC 5?
I would like to purchase used one.
But, I don't know how much I should pay.
And, Bluefin!
What kind of CANARE is fit for this equipment?
It will be very helpful to me, if you give me the info.

Thanks in advance.
I bagged it for $700.00 US along with some RCS Prime XLR's and have never looked back.

I don't know if this is good, bad or what???

Audiogon bluebook has the DAC 5 coming out in '96 with a retail of $1995. Used avg. price is listed as $520. Used prices have been tracked at a high of $640 to a low of $400.