a very good, compatible cartridge for Rega P3

Can someone suggest a very worthy cartridge for the Rega P3, not the most expensive and not the cheapest.
rega super elys.
Goldring 1041, Shure v15vxmr for MM and Goldring Eroica, Dynavector 10x4 for MC.
They beat Rega ones at ease.
I just put a Denon DL-160 on my Planar 3 and couldn't be happier. Much more musically satisfying than the Elys I was using. Read about it in the Reviews section. $180 from Needle Doctor.
~ Try to here your Turntable with a Roksan Corus Black.
You should be able to get one from the nice kids @ redtrumpet.com
I've used this combinationed back in 1993-96. before moving on to own several versions of Well Tempered Classics.

~ But still till this day have kept & loved this cartridge more then anyother MM ~