A Vandersteen trade that makes no sense

Hello, I have a pair of Vandersteen 1ci's, with stands, that I want to trade for a SONOS subwoofer. Can anyone provide advice or dealers on how to make this happen?

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Sell your Vandys yourself, or find a local vandy dealer.
Thanks Erik. I have tried for months to sell them. Vandersteen's are not currently a big seller here in Canada, probably due to the low CDN dollar (vs the USD).
Why don’t you list them here and see if you get any offers? Did you ever try listing here?
where in the vast reach of Canada?

Just sell them separately. Almost impossible to find a specific trade for them.

The 2 and 3 models sell better than the 1s, so it may take awhile.
Well thanks to all who encouraged me to sell the Vandys outright. I sold them (finally)!