A/V recevier HDMI to TV, then Optical to DAC?

I have space and WAF issues that make creating a system very challenging. I also need both audio and video in the same general space, but have basically separate systems

One thing that would simplify my set-up would be to run a bunch of A/V sources via HDMI into an HDMI receiver, and then out of the receiver via HDMI to the TV.

On the audio side, would it then be possible to take the digital out from the TV (optical) and run that to a stand alone 2-channel DAC which goes to an analog pre-amp that feeds the monoblock amplifiers that in turn power the L and Right main speakers??

So for example:

Blu ray via HDMI --> A/V receiver via HDMI --> TV via optical --> DAC via XLR analog --> preamp.

In addition to the Blu ray player, there's a DirectTV reciever, an Xbox, and an Apple TV.

Your help is most appreciated.


Duh! I think I just realized that even if this will work, it will loose an value of the high definition audio CODECS, becasue in converting it to optical, the TV will downsample it...right?
Of course. In fact, the TV will probably not even get the HD codecs unless the player converts them to PCM. Since I know of no TV that will decode the HD codecs, its EDID signature will tell the player not to send them.

TV's don't usually have optical outs.
What you want to do is:
Video: blu-ray --> TV (HDMI)
Audio: blu-ray --> DAC (optical) --> preamp

This is assuming you only have 2 channels. Optical can only support 2 channels of lossless audio.
thanks all (and sorry for the doubled thread -- there's a repeat of this one a bit earlier. must have accidentally submitted it twice).

yes, what I wasn't thinking about was the two channel limit and the question of what the TV will do (it does have an optical digital out that passes through the digital signal, but my guess is it won't pass digital from HDMI at all.