A/V recevier HDMI to TV, then Optical to DAC?

I have space and WAF issues that make creating a system very challenging. I also need both audio and video in the same general space, but have basically separate systems

One thing that would simplify my set-up would be to run a bunch of A/V sources via HDMI into an HDMI receiver, and then out of the receiver via HDMI to the TV.

On the audio side, would it then be possible to take the digital out from the TV (optical) and run that to a stand alone 2-channel DAC which goes to an analog pre-amp that feeds the monoblock amplifiers that in turn power the L and Right main speakers??

So for example:

Blu ray via HDMI --> A/V receiver via HDMI --> TV via optical --> DAC via XLR analog --> preamp.

In addition to the Blu ray player, there's a DirectTV reciever, an Xbox, and an Apple TV.

Your help is most appreciated.


Strange but doable if (1) you have a TV that will output S/PDIF from an HDMI source and (2) you are content to changing your AVR's HDMI setting all the time since, afaik, most AVRs can process HDMI audio (for their speaker outputs) or pass the audio out with the HDMI (for the TV), but not both at the same time.

If your A/V receiver has sufficient inputs you might skip the pre.

Also, is you DAC that much better than the one in your A/V receiver?

I don't have an apple TV...it does not have HDMI? I can understand using a higher -end DAC. Perhaps you can get a DAC with multiple inputs and volume control...or go from DAC via component and XLR or coax to the TV.

Your suggestions might be grating on the WAF.
I did much the same thing. I use a pre-amp with HT pass-through. The HDMI goes throught the AVR to the HDTV. Output from the DVD coax digital goes to the DAC which goes to an analog input on the pre-amp. Best of both worlds. I hope I understood your dilimma correctly.