A/V Receiver to pair with Domus Grand Pianos

I have been driving the Grand Pianos with a B&K AVR505 S2. It sounded great, but needs to be repaired.  l did this once before for $600.  I want quality but don't want to spend a fortune again, so i don't mind buying used. I listen to all music types and to video, and appreciate quality sound (30/70 - music/sound). Anyone have recommendations (I don't want to sacrifice sound quality relative to my former B&K). Looking to spend up to $1000.  Any opinions on Rotel/NAD/Arcam?  Any others?
How many speakers are you driving? Are you looking for a 2-channel amp or a multi-channel HT Receiver? Do you need it to have video processing/passthrough, HDMI inputs, etc., or just analog inputs?

Driving 5 speakers.  No need for video processing; i have been using optical connection for audio and letting media PC handle video processing.  I am fine with this set up.

If you are happy with the B&K, you most likely could find another 505/507 for much less than $600.00.

I have an NAD T773 flagship AVR from 2004 that I did use with an HT rig but now it is being used in stereo duty in my spare bedroom and it sounds wonderful.  $300.00 to $400.00 on the used market.



I looked up the specs. for the SF Domus Grand Pianos and the speakers are 4 ohm. You will need to insure that the receiver you purchase is designed to handle a 4 ohm speaker load. Many receivers do not support 4 ohm speakers.