A/V Receiver to pair with Domus Grand Pianos

I have been driving the Grand Pianos with a B&K AVR505 S2. It sounded great until Superstorm Sandy and now my center channel keeps shorting out. I could pick up a used AVR507 for $600, repair the AVR505 (which may not be so easy) -- also the "new" B&K is not supporting their equipment -- or I could buy something else. I want quality but don't want to spend a fortune again, so i don't mind buying used. I listen to all music types and to video, and appreciate quality sound. Anyone have recommendations (I don't want to sacrifice sound quality relative to my former B&K).
I think finding another B&K receiver is a good option since you were pleased with your 505. Another choice for a very musical AVR is NAD. I own and older(2004) non HDMI NAD T773 AVR that I am only using in a 2-channel rig and am more than pleased with the sound quality. A beast of a receiver(52lbs) with plenty of power reserves on tap.

What is your budget for an AVR?

I'm visiting NYC this holiday. May fix it(I support all types of equipment old and new:-)) or may offer you some cash. Keep in touch.
U have excellent speakers (seriousely) and I would probably seek an option to add dedicated 2champ and use the rest of your healthy channels for center, surrounds etc. Nad 372 comes onto my mind for budget and performance.