A/V receiver for decoding and center/rear

I want to add homecinema to my system, which is stereo-orientated. Since I don't want to change my stereo amp for a surround design, I figured I could buy a A/V-receiver for decoding use and to drive the center and rear-speakers. That means I would connect my stereo-sources (turntable, CD) straight to the stereo-amp, and DVD/video/tv into the receiver. I would use the line out for front right and left to feed my stereo amp, and the built-in amps for center and rear from the A/V-receiver, leaving the receiver out of the chain when listening to stereo-sources. Would this work? And is there a chance of damaging/blowing up the amps in the receiver, since the front-amps won't be used?
Thanks for any advice.
Satch, nothing should blow up on ya. I am doing the same thing your suggesting, using the pre-outs from the receiver to the integraded amp, with cdp to the amp. Two things should be addressed. One, if you are using a subwoofer, where do you want the bass to come from? For me, I enter no sub on the dvd menu, front speakers large, have sub from pre-out on int. amp. This still gives me the best music, but movies will be a little bass shy until I turn the volume up on the sub. Experiment. Second, if you have any 3 prong power cords, most likely you will get a ground loop. You can count on it if you have CATV. Do a search on this if you get one. Good luck and happy holidays.
I was also successful in doing what you've described. I have a Cambridge unit that decodes and powers the center and rears. It also has a line level subwoofer output. The unit is actually a Carver sold under the Cambridge name. I used it for four months leading up to my Rotel surround purchase. If you have any interest, let me know. I was going to list it here for next to nothing.
Thanx for your response guys, now all I have to do is save for a couple of months to buy the appropriate receiver. And thanx for the offer Imin2u, but at the moment I'm quite literally broke, so I have to let your offer go. Thanx anyway!!
Dude, get out of it. I was trying to incorporate hi-fi and hometheatre for years. Carefully considering all my alternatives and investigating all the product potentials to do so. It all boils down to your commitment to your enjoyment of music. For me movies didnt even come close to my music. If your speakers are good they can produce a good stereo image- it will reproduce a center speaker signal faithfully. Which leaves your rears. Rears speakers dont meet their hyped up reputation in a movie experience as they are portrayed to be. Keep in mind though - there are wonderful hometheatre set-ups i have heard. But if your situation demands a choice - go for the hi-fi, and improve your listening experience. I will never spend another dime on hometheatre. it all goes into my hi-fi.
Thanx for the advice Whitesandbluewater (nice nick btw), but I already own a dedicated Pro-logic decoder/amp, so I want to upgrade tot DD/DTS/AC3, and I do watch a fair amount of movies, so my priorities are a bit split. Thanx!
Satch, if you already have a dedicated Prologic decoder amp, then you should seriously consider Vantas DPA-87, which is an ad-on for Prologic Receivers with dolby digital and good internal 100 w/ch. for center and rears. I have the DPA-50, which is the version to ad on to a Stereo-only system (these are almost identical though) and have been very pleased with it. Check out the reviews here on Audioreview: http://www.audioreview.com/A-V+Preamplifier/Vantas+DPA-S50/PRD_118434_2719crx.aspx
Vantas went belly up, but these are being sold new on eBay, I just bought one DPA-87 for a friend for $160.
That's a very interesting link. Thanx, Arni, I feel I need to do some research around here...