A/V Receiver for B&W matrix speakers

I’m trying to convert my stereo system into 5 channel HT. My current system comprises Toshiba SD-9200 DVD player, Audible Illusions L2 preamp, Musical Fidelity A3Cr amp and B&W 802 matrix speakers. I’m planning to use HTM matrix for central channel and 804 matrix for surrounds. I’m thinking about either buying AV receiver for processing signal and driving center speaker (not a very bright idea) and surround speakers or buying processer/preamp and three channel amp. I’m not sure if I really need processor since Toshiba has a built in digital processor.
I don’t want to spend more than 1k and at the same time I need the system that would allow me to listen to my current setup without switching cables.
Any thoughts?
Thank you.
Are you referring to the current B&W 800 series loudspeakers? I don't see the word Matrix used on their website anywhere. I searched for it though.

NAD T754 lists for $1099.00 I believe. That's close. Marantz SR6001 sells for $999.00.
I’m referring to B&W 800 Matrix series. Im not sure if Marantz could handle B&W speakers. They need high current amp.
Marantz is actually a good match for some of B&W loudspeakers. My Hi-Fi high end audio store sells both. I'm using a relatively new Marantz A-V receiver with B&W DM603 S3's, HTM61 center, ASW600 sub, and two M-1's. No problem driving these guys. As far as the 800 Matrix series, not sure about that. I would need to look at the specs of these speakers and as I said, they're not even in the B&W archives. I can't find them anyway. Sorry.
hi I am running 801 matrix series 3 - you are correct these speakers need a fair bit to get them going and i ended up going down the path you mentioned I have a dedicate hifi system feeding the speakers thru a gryphon amp. I am using an older marantz sr18 amp for home theatre duties feeding the gryphon from the marantz sr18 amp - it takes a bit of setting up but you can get it fairly right - its not perfectbut its pretty close - btw the speakers sound pretty good when have some decent power driving them - good luck
I agree with Gaw - a Marantz SR-18 is an excellent choice. I've used them to drive 4 ohm KEFs with no issues at all. In addition, it's just a wonderfully musical receiver built like a tank.
The Rotel HT Receivers would be a good choice IMO.

Also, I use an Integra Research DTR receiver into cheaper B&Ws with good results.
Do you have any particular model in mind?I saw lots of 1056 for sale. I'm not sure whether it is a good or bad sign for this model.
Pdn, Gaw, Kewadinbob,
Besides the number of channels and power output ( I presume they both have A/B type of PAs) what is the difference between SR18 and SR8500. I mean video and audio signals processing capabilities?
Can I bypass Marantz audio processing circuit feeding my DVD player into preamp via Marantz?
Gaw, you dont have dedicated 2 channel preamp you are using SR18 preamp for stereo right?
The SR-18 is an older surround sound receiver than the SR-8500. Both are discontinued products from Marantz. The SR-18 specs claim this unit puts out 140 watts RMS from all 5 channels into 8 ohms. The SR-8500 is rated at 125 watts x 7 channels into 8 ohms. But be careful with the later Marantz models. I had a conversation with them directly recently. It seems on their current line of 7 channel A-V receivers, the stated power rating are for two channels driven. When all 7 channels are driven, they guarantee only 70% of the stated power rating in watts into 8 ohms.

When evaluating any new A-V receivers, be sure the specs states "all channels driven" at the same time.
No the gryphon amp I am using is an integrated so no problems setting output levels for the front speakers. the setup has the marantz front pre out feeding a input on the grypyphon. The main reason for this setup is I want a dedicated hifi system using my higher end cables etc etc and not having to run the marantz for my music. I have used the marantz all the way around and for home theatre sounds great and drives the 801 without problem but just not the same when listening to music.
Guys,thank you for your input. I bought Marantz SR 18.